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Argentina: 55 Years Later, Reclaiming the Legacy of the Cordobazo

By Carlos Aznárez on May 28, 2024.

It all began in June 1966 when a general who came to believe he was a God thought that through a coup d’état he could perpetuate himself in power for decades. (more…)

When Nicaragua Took Germany to Court, Media Put Nicaragua on the Stand

By John Perry on May 30, 2024

When Nicaragua accused Germany of aiding and abetting Israel’s genocide in Gaza at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) last month, readers of corporate media might have seriously wondered whether Nicaragua’s case had any legitimacy. (more…)

Radcon-M and the Sovereignty of the Cuban Sky

By Syara Salado Massip and Victor Villalba on May 29, 2024

The way of flying and managing the skies of each nation is defined by large transnational companies that create automated systems for air traffic control at airports and heliports, as well as systems for air navigation services. There are several leading air traffic engineering technology companies that provide systems of this type for the aeronautical industry, which is modernizing its infrastructure every day. (more…)

Jose Marti: Quiet Solemnity and Vibrant Strength

By Alejandra Garcia on May 29, 2024 from Havana

The mausoleum of Jose Marti.

Jose Marti, the most universal of Cubans, died in Dos Rios, in eastern Cuba, on May 19, 1895, shortly after he gave new impetus to the independence movement in Cuba and started a new period of struggle against the Spanish colony. He died at the age of 42 and left behind him hundreds of works that had individual and collective freedom, justice, solid principles, and moral values at their core. Today, Resumen Latinoamericano honors his death and his example. (more…)

There is Only One Cuba

Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba

photo: Bill Hackwell

On May 28, the Government of the United States finally announced a group of measures aimed at implementing the policy announced on May 16, 2022.  The purpose of this step, according to the text published by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), is to support the private sector in Cuba. (more…)

Israel Subverts all International Laws and Rulings in its Attack against Rafah

May 27, 2024

Palestinians perform funeral of victims of massacre in Rafah (Photo via Quds News Network/X)

At least 45 people, mostly women and children, were killed and scores of others were injured when Israel bombed a tent camp for displaced Palestinians in Rafah late in the evening on Sunday, May 26. (more…)

Transfermóvil; a One Hundred Percent Cuban Project

By Syara Salado Massip on May 28, 2024 from Havana

developement and production team of Transfermóvil.

E-commerce is the trade of goods and services through the Internet, a way of commercializing created to meet the demands of consumers who needed purchase and payment methods that simplify and give agility to their needs, save time and travel, taking advantage of the momentum of electronic communication and the application of new technologies. (more…)

Africa’s Steps Toward Total Emancipation

By Raul Antonio Capote on May 25, 2024

Work by Michel Moro.

From 1445 to 1870, Africa was the main source of slave labor, especially for Europe and America. Countless human and material resources were extracted from the continent, causing a bloodletting that weakened its economic and social structures. (more…)

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