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Panamanian Supreme Court Declares Mining Contract Unconstitutional

November 28, 2023

‘The Mine is Death’ over 1200 arrested in the struggle to close it.

Panama’s Supreme Court (PSC) on Tuesday declared “unconstitutional” the contract that renewed the concession for the exploitation of the largest open-pit copper mine in Central America, which triggered a protest movement that has spread for more than a month throughout the country. During that time there have been over 1200 protestors arrested. (more…)

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Sierra Maestras, Cuba. photo: Bill Hackwell

Today, on Giving Tuesday, we are approaching you to ask for your help in sustaining Resumen Latinoamericano.  This Wednesday we will be sending out our 143rd issue of 2023, bringing news and analysis from Latin America and the Caribbean to growing audiences in North America and Europe. News that is difficult to obtain elsewhere. We couldn’t do this without your financial support and the encouragement you show for our work.

January 2024 will be the start of our 9th year of uninterrupted publication and our enthusiasm for bringing you the truth has not diminished, in fact it has grown. We hope that you will support us and help us continue our work.

These are difficult times, and we cannot recall a time when the lies emanating from corporate media and western governments were this intense. Whether fanning the flames of devastation in Gaza or funding millions in USAID and NED grants that go towards creating fake media to undermine Cuba, the Empire is relentless. So, we too must be relentless in our duty to distribute truthful, honest media.  We look forward to your continued support.

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US Sanctions Hit Nicaragua’s Social Investment Programs

By John Perry, on November 26, 2023

Finance Minister Ivan Acosta (right)  talks with John Perry. photo: Consortium News

Which country spends nearly two-thirds of its budget on tackling poverty? When I met Nicaragua’s finance minister, Ivan Acosta, he had just presented his 2024 budget to its National Assembly, and he made clear that a large part of it is aimed at doing just that. (more…)

Cuba Strengthens Ties with its Diaspora

By Alejandro Garcia on November 26, 2023 from Havana

photo: Bill Hackwell

Last week, Cuba hosted the IV Conference The Nation and Emigration, which brought together over 370 Cuban emigrants from different parts of the world, who shared their experiences and reflections on their identity and the rapprochement between Cubans inside and outside the island. (more…)

Venezuela and Exxon Mobil’s Land Grab

By Maria Paez Victor on November 24, 2023

photo: Justin

Attacks on Venezuela by the US and its allies include 930 illegal sanctions that shut the country out from international finance blocking it from buying medicines, food or producing or selling its oil. (more…)

Fidel Castro and Those Moments that Leave a Mark

By Daylén Vega Muguercia on November 25, 2023, the 7th anniversary of Fidel’s passing

There are moments in life that mark us forever. They influence us. And there are people with equal power, over one and over thousands. Over millions. Fidel Castro is such a man. He is, and I do not say was, because we do not see Fidel in the past, but in the present. Vital as the young man who broke down the walls imposed by imperial interference on Cuba. Dreamer like the man who stood one day in the Havana Country Club and envisioned art schools there for the children of the peasant, the worker, the housewife. (more…)

New Mood In The World Will Put An End To The Global Monroe Doctrine

By Vijay Prashad, on November 24, 2023

By Tagreed Darghouth (Lebanon), Tree Within, a Palestinian Olive Tree, 2018.

Every day since 7 October has felt like an International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, with hundreds of thousands gathering in Istanbul, a million in Jakarta, and then yet another million across Africa and Latin America to demand an end to the brutal attack being carried out by Israel (with the collusion of the United States). (more…)

Cuba: March for Palestine Floods Havana’s Malecon

article and photos by Yaimi Ravelo on November 23, 2023 from Havana

Today thousands of Havana residents marched along the Malecon of the Cuban capital to denounce the war crimes of the Zionist state of Israel against the people of Palestine in the Gaza Strip.

“It is heard, it is felt, the Palestinian people in Cuba is present”;

“Alert, alert, alert that walks, the voice of Palestine in Latin America”;

“The people united, will never be defeated, Long live the Palestinian cause“. (more…)

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