Cuba, Those Who Stay

By Rosa Miriam Elizalde on April 11, 2024

photo: Bill Hackwell

Contrary to the inertia of the news that tells of Cubans leaving, they have not left their family homes or their land; they resisted the promise of no more queues or blackouts and the exodus to any other shore of the Atlantic. (more…)

What would Che Guevara do?

By Qamar Taleb on April 9, 2024

Illustration by Mahdi Rtail for Al Mayadeen

As there is a growing trend among the Left to sway away from openly supporting Resistance groups, leftists need to pause and ask themselves what the figures they cherish would do. (more…)

Vilma of Cuba and the World

By Luis Alberto Portuondo on April 7,2024

photo: Bill Hackwell

On April 7, 1930, the heroine of daily battles for the homeland and its women was born in Santiago de Cuba. The consecration of “all her life to fight for women” which, in short, is the same as thinking and building a fairer country, summarizes what Vilma Espín Guillois was. (more…)

Latin America Condemns Assault on Mexican Embassy in Ecuador

By Alejandra Garcia and Bill Hackwell on April 7, 2024

Ecuadorian police unit prepare to assault the Mexican Embassy in Quito

This Friday, the world witnessed a historic event in Latin America. Ecuadorian police officers stormed the Mexican embassy in Quito in search of Jorge Glas, former vice president of Ecuador during the administration of Rafael Correa (2007-2017). Hours before this violation of international law was committed, (more…)

This Epic

By Ana Hurtado on April 5, 2024 from Havana

photo: Bill Hackwell

The past few days the Youth Congress has been held in the capital of all Cubans. Many young people gathered to discuss, propose, talk and look to the future of a Cuba that continues to live a silent war. A Cuba that is seeing how the Empire wants to take away from it the most precious thing it has, the clay to mold any possible horizon: its youth. (more…)

As the US Deliberately Starves the Cuban People, Solidarity Activists Launch Campaign to Send Flour

April 5, 2024

photo: Bill Hackwell

In the wake of the US’ deliberate starvation of the Cuban people through sanctions, solidarity activists with the People’s Forum, a New York-based political education space, has organized a massive campaign to send 800 tons of wheat flour to the island. (more…)

Watching US Cuba Policy in the Theater of the Absurd

By William LeoGrande on April 2, 2024

The US has a history of harboring anti Cuba terrorists like Luis Posada Carriles. photo: Bill Hackwell

Trying to make sense of U.S. policy toward Cuba is like trying to make sense of a play in the theater of the absurd. The rationales offered by the policy’s defenders make no sense, and when they try to explain, they sound like characters in an Ionesco play. Recent legislative proposals from Cuban American members of the House of Representatives are prime examples. (more…)

Cuba, a Blockaded Island that Articulates People

By Itzamna Ollantay on March 28, 2024

photo: Bill Hackwell

Cuba, with its nearly 11 million inhabitants, distributed in more than 109,000 km² of territory, surrounded by sea, besieged and economically blockaded by the U.S. State, has a diametrically different fate than its island neighbor Haiti. (more…)

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