Venezuela / Chavismo Overwhelming Win, a Moment to Celebrate, but Nobody Should Let their Guard Down

By Carlos Aznárez, on October 15, 2017

As they did on July 30 Chavismo has won again in Venezuela, and they won for several indisputable reasons. The first because the elections occurred in a context of absolute peace, without any incidents.  (more…)

Mumia Abu Jamal on Puerto Rico: ’A colony by Any Name’

By Mumia Abu-Jamal on October 14, 2017

On Christopher Columbus’s second voyage to what was called the West Indies, he visited Puerto Rico, called Boriquen by the native Arawaks dwelling on the island. (more…)

Volunteer Nurses in Puerto Rico Fear FEMA Is Failing

By Jennifer Bendery on October 12, 2017

Residents of Juyuya wait in the rain for more than seven hours to register with FEMA. Photo: Mario Tama

Water is rationed. Scabies is spreading. Grocery stores are lined with empty shelves, if they’re open at all. People are fainting as they wait in lines for hours in sweltering heat, because they have to check into a FEMA hub to get small amounts of food and supplies being guarded by armed officers. That’s if they can even make it to FEMA.


Russia-gate Pushes Forward into the Ridiculous

By Robert Parry on October 10, 2017

A key distinction between propaganda and journalism is that manipulative propaganda relies on exaggeration and deceit while honest journalism provides context and perspective. But what happens when the major news outlets of the world’s superpower become simply conveyor belts for warmongering propaganda?


Miko Peled: A Silenced Critic of Israeli Policy

By Rick Sterling on October 13, 2017

Despite the U.S. media’s extensive coverage of Israel, what Miko Peled says is seldom heard by Americans, although he was born in Jerusalem and comes from a famous Israeli family. Peled’s grandfather was one of the signers of the Israeli founding documents. (more…)

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