To Laugh or Cry: Michelle Bachelet , the New UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

By Ricardo Candia Cares on August 10, 2018

“We are firmly committed to the non-application of the Antiterrorist Law to Indigenous Peoples due to acts of social demand”, was Michelle Bachelet’s program, that she carried out with strength and conviction. (more…)

US Provided “Intelligence” and Bomb Used in Massacre of Yemeni Schoolchildren

By Whitney Webb on August 13, 2018

US made bomb on school bus kills 50

Last Thursday’s horrific bombing of a bus full of school children in northern Yemen was carried out using a weapon sold to the Saudi Arabia-led coalition by the United States, (more…)

A Way Out for Brazil

By Joao Pedro Stedile on August 15, 2018

Brazil is going through a grave economic, political, social and environmental crisis. Many factors have contributed to the emergence of this crisis, (more…)

Venezuelan President Announces New System of Wages and Prices

August 14, 2018

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that August 20 will be a new bank holiday to ease the transition to the new currency named “Sovereign Bolivar.” (more…)

Is Cristina Fernandez a Victim of a Political Persecution?

August 15, 2018

The Argentine Senate was unable to debate the authorization to search the home of former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner due to the lack of a quorum. Editorial Note (more…)

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