The US Military Is the Biggest “Big Government” Entitlement Program on the Planet

By JP Sottile on Sunday, December 10, 2017

Image: Jared Rodriguez

The US economy is caught in a trap. That trap is the Department of Defense: an increasingly sticky wicket that relies on an annual, trillion-dollar redistribution of government-collected wealth. (more…)

Are Venezuelan Municipal Elections Just Another Electoral Exercise?

By Luis Beaton on December 10, 2017

With significant turnout, Venezuelans elected Sunday 335 mayors and the governor of the State of Zulia in a show of open democracy and peace, in which the ruling United Socialist Party (PSUV) won over 300 posts. (more…)

Honduran Opposition Seeks Annulment of Election Results

December 9, 2017

Photo: Moises Castillo

Presidential candidate, Salvador Nasralla, denounced the fact that 200 thousand extra votes were counted during the election. “Honduras has become a global joke,” he said. (more…)

More than 300,000 Santiago Residents Pay Tribute to Fidel on Behalf of all Cubans

By Eduardo Palomares Calderón on December 5, 2017

Santiago de Cuba.– More than 300,000 Santiago residents paid tribute to Comandante en Jefe Fidel on behalf of all Cuba, demonstrating that a year after his death, his work and example live on stronger than ever. (more…)

Condemnation of the Trump Administration’s Decision to End Temporary Protected Status for 59,000 Haitians

By the Haiti Action Committee on December 5, 2017

Pierre Labossiere of Haiti Action Committee speaking at fundraising event in Oakland CA. Photo: Bill Hackwell

Haiti Action Committee adds its voice to denounce the decision by the Trump Administration to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for an estimated 59,000 Haitians. (more…)

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