Cuban Journalist Arleen Rodríguez: “The Family Code is a Step Forward that Was Owed”

By Geraldina Colotti on September 23, 2022

Arleen Rodriquez, photo: Roberto Garaicoa

Arleen Carlota Rodríguez Derivet is a recognized face of Cuban and Latin American journalism. Graduated in journalism in 1982, she has been a provincial correspondent, economic editor, deputy director and director of the Juventud Rebelde newspaper until 1997. Between 1998 and 2005 she worked as editorialist, radio program host and director of Tricontinental magazine. (more…)

Punishing Cuba: the Self-Serving ‘State Sponsors of Terror’ List

By Cheryl LaBash on September 25, 2023

Havana, Cubans caravan against the blockade in front of the US embassy. photo: Alejandro Azcuy

Today car and bike caravans in many U.S. cities are rightly demanding that Cuba be taken off the U.S. State Department’s “State Sponsors of Terrorism” list.

Did you know there was such a thing? (more…)

U.S. Agency Finances Campaign against Cuban Doctors in Mexico

September 22, 2022

“Given the strong attacks against the presence of Cuban doctors in Mexico, and after investigating and consulting with various sources, I open a thread to tell about the involvement of the USAID and Senator Julen Rementería, of the National Action Party (PAN), in the attacks,” political analyst Katu Arkonada denounced on his Twitter today. (more…)

The Alignments of Latin America Reflected through its Leaders in the UN

By Gustavo A Maranges on September 22, 2022

Colombian President Gustavo Petro

The 77th high-level segment of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) began on September 13 and so far 16 Latin America countries have spoken, and the differences in the tone and topics of the speeches reflects the complex political situation in the region. (more…)

‘The Blockade of Cuba is an Act of Economic Warfare in Peacetime’

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriquez Parrilla

Speech by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, at the General Debate of the High-Level Segment of the United Nations General Assembly. New York, September 21, 2022. (more…)

Cuba: The New Family Code; an Historic Leap

By Ángel Guerra Cabrera on September 22, 2022

Humanity is Diversity. photo: Bill Hackwell

On September 25, the Cuban people will be voting in the referendum for the approval or rejection of the Code of Families. The new legal instrument will codify a set of very advanced rights for which Cuban society and the State have been fighting and will convert into legal text new realities arising from a much more diverse population. The new order creates institutions radically opposed to patriarchal and homophobic conceptions and practices on the organization of the family and society. (more…)

Colombian Senators Request Removal of Cuba from Terrorist List

September 21, 2022

Colombian Representatives stand with Cuba, photo: PL

A group of more than 80 Colombian congressional representatives will file a letter addressed to their counterparts in the United States to remove Cuba from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, as confirmed by Senator Gloria Flórez. (more…)

Corruption Case against Cristina Fernandez: A Bad Script from the Argentine Right-Wing

By Alejandra Garcia on September 20, 2022

Cristina Fernandez

Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a few days away from surviving death by good fortune, is fighting with all her strength against a fictitious corruption  case conceived and built by the ultra-right wing of her country. Hatred, political persecution, and injustice took her to court this week, where she has been victorious so far. (more…)

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