Interview with Oscar López Rivera: “Fighting is not a Futile Exercise”

By Mari Mari Narváez on May 17, 2017

While many of us could hardly concentrate on everyday matters as we thought obsessively about the fragile and unfortunate fate of Oscar López Rivera, the former political prisoner painted peacefully in the prison in Terre Haute Indiana. (more…)

Venezuela: a Threat to US Energy Hegemony?

By Raul Burbano on May 18, 2017

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Since the election of Hugo Chavez in 1999, Venezuela has achieved impressive gains in health care, education, and reduction in poverty, while at the same time wrestled economic and political control from the country’s elite. (more…)

Bashar al Assad’s Interview with Telesur

April 27, 2017

Telesur: Thank you for receiving us, Mr President. Bashar al-Assad: I welcome your team and Channel Telesur to Syria.  Telesur: Let me get straight to the most recent event.

33 Days of Hunger Strike: Mass Transfers of Prisoners as Colonial Settler Murders Palestinian Protester

May 19, 2017

On Friday, 19 May, Palestinian prisoners entered their 33rd day of the collective hunger strike launched by 1500 Palestinian prisoners – out of a total of over 6300 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails –  on 17 April 2017, Palestinian Prisoners’ Day. (more…)

Brazil in Crisis; IMF Solution? More Neoliberal Austerity

May 19, 2017

The International Monetary Fund, IMF, urged Brazil to maintain austerity measures in a report released Friday, one day after scandal-ridden and unelected President Michel Temer refused to step down in the face of widespread strikes and protests. (more…)

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