Evo Morales Condemns New Imperialist Strategy against the Peoples

May 27, 2018

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, warned today about a new imperialist strategy against progressive governments and their peoples, based on the proliferation of lies to discredit them and destabilize these targeted countries.

Now the right is adopting a scheme of imperialism to attribute a death to the State that had nothing to do with it. This is an attempt to undermine the government and promote uprisings against it; threatening the country’s order, he said.

Morales was referring to an incident that occurred last Thursday, in which a student of the Public Universidad of del Alto lost his life when he was hit by a glass object during a demonstration by the students at the University.

Even when the examination of the incident by the police suggested that the object came from one of the protesters, the opposition maintains that the death of the young man is a product of police repression in Bolivia, similar to what the opposition says when talking about countries like Cuba and Venezuela.

In this regard, Morales said that it is a ruse to discredit Bolivia and “those sister nations.”

He went on to say that they are trying to reverse the advancements we have made in the pursuit of the development of our people and especially for the benefit of the most humble.

During his speech at the ceremony of delivery of educational projects in the province of Shinahota, in the department of Cochabamba, the Head of State also congratulated the Bolivian mothers for the celebration of their day in the country.

Morales highlighted the role of women both in promoting the home economy and in the national plans for the country’s development.


Source: Prensa Latina, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America Bureau