The “Masterstroke” of the United States Against Venezuela

By Stella Calloni on May 9, 2018. 

Regardless of which corporate party is in power the Pentagon continues its plans and strategies for world domination from the Middle East to the Korean Peninsula to Africa and to Latin America. Here is an analysis of an internal Pentagon document by Stella Calloni, outlining a very real scenario to be carried out by the Southern Command to overthrow the democratically elected Venezuelan government. Resumen Editorial

The United States and its partners are quietly preparing a brutal “Plan to end the dictatorship of Venezuela”: the “Masterstroke”, which is already underway and whose first part would begin before the upcoming Venezuelan elections and, if they do not succeed in overthrowing President Nicolás Maduro with this new offensive, which will include the use of the whole propaganda and media apparatus available to them plus  violent actions in “defense of democracy”, they will implement Plan B, which will bring in several countries to launch a “multilateral force” to intervene militarily.

Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Guyana are all key components of the military operation, with the support of Argentina and “other friends,” under Pentagon control. They already have made preparations on the bases they now occupy in the countries that border Venezuela with hospitals and centers to collect provisions for their soldiers.

All this is specified in a real document, of 11 pages, which bears the signature of Admiral Kurt Walter Tidd, current commander in chief of the US Southern Command [SouthCom].

The document analyzes the current situation ratifying the war being waged against Venezuela, but also the perverse scheme of psychological warfare that justifies the persecution, harassment, discredit and criminal lies that are used to end not only the popular leaders but to subjugate the peoples of the region.

Referring to the current situation in Venezuela, the Plan mentions that the “Chavista Venezuelan dictatorship is shaken as a result of its internal problems, with the great shortage of food, the exhaustion of income from external sources of money and unbridled corruption, which has diminished its international support. This had been won with petrodollars, but now the national currency is in a steady decline.”

They assume that this scenario, which they admit having created themselves, with a terrifying impunity, will not change. In this case they justify their actions affirming that the Venezuelan government will resort to new “populist” measures to conserve power.

It is amazing where they place the opposition that the United States itself handles, advises and pays, on the understanding that “the corrupt Maduro regime will collapse, but unfortunately the opposing forces that defend democracy and welfare of their people do not have sufficient power to put an end to the nightmare of Venezuela because of their own internal disputes and corruption. They also lack roots that would allow them to take maximum advantage of this situation to pass over the state of poverty the left dictatorship has submerged the country into.”

What is frightening is that while they consider that this is “an unprecedented criminal action in Latin America,” referring to the government of Venezuela – a government that has never acted against any of its neighbors and that has extended an intense regional and worldwide solidarity. The US plan argues that “democracy extends to America, a continent in which radical populism was destined to take control.” Argentina, Ecuador and Brazil are examples of this. This rebirth of democracy (as they call it) is supported by the conditions of the region that is in their favor.  This is the moment for the United States to prove with concrete actions that it is involved in a process in which the overthrow of the Venezuelan dictatorship will surely result in a pivotal continental shift.”

On the other hand, they encourage US President Donald Trump to act considering that “this is the Trump administration’s first opportunity to demonstrate and carry forward its vision of democracy and security,” and to convince him that “his active participation is crucial, not only for the administration but for the continent and the world. The moment has arrived.” This means “intensifying the definitive overthrow of Chavism and the expulsion of his representative, undermining popular support” of the government and “To encourage popular dissatisfaction by increasing the process of destabilization and shortages” [to] “ensure the irreversible deterioration of its current dictator.”

If ones wants to fully understand the art of counterinsurgency perversion, it is enough to read the part in which the document refers to the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, encouraging to “besiege him, ridicule him and show him as a symbol of awkwardness and incompetence, and expose him as a puppet from Cuba.”

But it also suggests, “To exacerbate the division among the members of the government group, revealing the differences in their living conditions and those of their followers and at the same time encouraging them to keep these divergences growing.”

The plan is designated to be executed quickly and furiously, such as the measures taken by the servants of Washington, Mauricio Macri (Argentina) and Michel Temer (Brazil), both with a scandalous history of corruption but transformed by the Empire into “leaders of transparency” that “took measures” in very short time bringing the destruction of the national States with the same certainty of the firing of a missile.

The document signed by the head of the US Southern Command demands making the Maduro government unsustainable by forcing him to give up, negotiate or escape. This Plan to end in very short terms the so-called “dictatorship” of Venezuela calls for, “Increase internal instability to critical levels, intensifying the decapitalization of the country, the escape of foreign capital and the deterioration of the national currency, through the application of new inflationary measures that increase this deterioration.”

Another goal is; “To obstruct all imports and at the same time discourage potential foreign investors”. -and here one can really see the goodness of the Empire–“to contribute to make the situation of the population more critical.” 

Also the Plan includes in its 11 pages, “To appeal to domestic allies as well as other people inserted in the national scenario with the aim of generating protests, riots and insecurity, pillage, looting, robbery, assaults and kidnappings of ships and other means of transport, with the intention of depriving the country of all goods, across all borders and other possible ways, endangering the national security of its neighbors.”

They consider it important to “cause victims” and to point out that the Venezuelan government is responsible by “magnifying, in front of the world, the humanitarian crisis, to which the country is subjected”, using the lie of a generalized corruption of the rulers and “linking the government to the drug trafficking to discredit its image before the world and its domestic followers.”  Also to  “promote fatigue among the members of the PSUV “[Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela] inciting dissent among themselves, to break up relations with the government and so that they reject the measures and restrictions that also affects them and make them as weak as the opposition is, creating friction between the PSUV and Somos Venezuela.”

The proposal goes up in tone when calling, “For structuring a plan to achieve the desertion of the most qualified professionals in the country, to leave them without any professionals at all, which will further aggravate the internal situation and in this sense once again blame the government.” 

Part 2. The military hand 

As in a thriller, this Plan calls, “to use army officers as a definitive solution alternative” by “Continuing to harden the condition within the Armed Forces to carry out a coup d’état, before the end of 2018, if this crisis does not cause the dictatorship to collapse or if the dictator does not decide to step aside.”

Understanding that all the above can fail, and with evident contempt for the Venezuelan opposition, the Plan calls for “keeping steady the continuous fire on the border with Colombia, multiplying the traffic of fuel and other goods, the movement of the paramilitaries, armed incursions and drug trafficking, provoking armed incidents with the security forces on the Venezuelan Border”.  And additionally, “Recruit paramilitaries mostly from the refugee camps in Cúcuta, La Guajira and Norte de Santander, areas widely populated by Colombian citizens who emigrated to Venezuela and have now returned, fleeing from the regime that intensified the destabilization between the borders between the two countries, using the empty space left by the FARC [Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia], the belligerence of the ELN [Army of National Liberation (Colombia)] and the activities in the area of the Gulf Cartel (paramilitaries).”

Here come the plans structuring the final blow. “Prepare the involvement of allied forces in support of the Venezuelan army officers or to control the internal crisis in case the initiative is delayed (…) to establish a fast timeline that prevents the dictator to continue gaining control of the internal scenario If it were necessary to act before the elections stipulated for the next month of April .” 

Actually, those elections will be on May 20 and from now on the United States and its servile allies have made it known that they will not recognize them.

The essence of the question is; “To obtain the cooperation and support of the allied authorities of friendly countries (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Panama and Guyana).

To organize the provisions of the troops, logistic and medical support from Panama. Make good use of the facilities of electronic surveillance and smart signals; of hospitals and facilities deployed in Darién (Panamanian jungle), the drone equipment of Plan Colombia, as well as the lands of the former military bases of Howard and Albroock (Panama) as well as those belonging to Río Hato. Also in the United Nations Humanitarian Regional Center, designed for humanitarian catastrophe and emergency situations, which has an air landing field and its own warehouses.”

As we can see, it is already an intervention scenario where it is proposes, “To advance the stationing of fighter jets and helicopters, armored vehicles, intelligence positions and special military logistics units of police, military officers and prisons. To develop the military operation under an international banner, sponsored by the Conference of Latin American Armies, under the protection of the OAS and the supervision, in the legal and media context, of its Secretary General Luis Almagro.”  

And moreover, “Uniting Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Panama to contribute a good number of troops, make use of their geographic proximity and experience in operations in forested or jungle regions. Strengthening its international status with the presence of combat units from the United States and the aforementioned nations; under the general command of the Joint Chiefs of Staff led by the United States.”

It is amazing the impunity with which everything is being prepared behind the backs of the people, in absolute illegality.  This makes the recent military maneuvers of the United States in this region on the border of Brazil with Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

The document goes on to say, “Using the facilities of the Panamanian territory for the rearguard and the capabilities of Argentina for the security of its ports and maritime positions (…) 

But in addition, it is foreseen, “To promote international participation in this effort as part of the Multilateral Operation with contributions from States, non-state organizations and international bodies and provide adequate logistics, intelligence, support, anticipating especially the most valuable points in Aruba, Puerto Carreño, Inirida, Maicao , Barranquilla and Sincelejo in Colombia, and Roraima, Manaus and Boavista in Brazil.”

This is an incredible map of an announced intervention of war. 

Strategic Information

The plan is to silence “the ever present symbolism of Chávez, his representatives and popular support and to maintain the harassment of the dictator as the sole individual responsible for the crisis in which he has submerged the nation” and his closest supporters, who will be accused of the crisis and the impossibility of leaving it.

In another paragraph it calls, “To intensify the discontent against the Maduro regime (…) point out the incompetence of the integration mechanisms created by the regimes of Cuba and Venezuela, especially the ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Our America) and Petrocaribe.”

Regarding the media theme, the plan designed by the United States calls to increase within the country, through local and foreign media, the dissemination of messages designed and based on testimonies and publications originating in the country itself, making use of all possible capacities, including social networks, and on the other hand “call through the media the need to put an end to the situation because it is essentially unsustainable.”

One of the last paragraphs of the document is about “securing” or showing the use of violent means by the “dictatorship” to obtain international support, using “All the capabilities of the Psychological War of the United States Army.”

In other words, repeating the same scenarios of lies, armed with news, false photographs and videos, and everything already used in the colonial wars of the 21st century.

The document also states that “the United States should support internally the American states that support it”, raise the image of those states and the “multilateral order of institutions of the inter-American system, as instruments for the solution of regional problems and to promote the need to send a UN Military Force for the imposition of peace, once the corrupt dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro is overthrown.”

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano, translation by Resumen Latino Americano – North American Bureau