Cynical Helmets

By Carola Chavez on July 2, 2018

The White Helmets have arrived at Cúcuta. They came to save the Venezuelan “refugees” who live there. They arrived with their doctor’s gowns, with their marketing helmets, with Gabi Arellano, with Williams Dávila of the Venezuela National Assembly who work in opposition to the Bolivarian government along with Colombian politicians, with tents to set up their media circus, but something was missing.

“The humanitarian medical assistance strategy that the White Helmet develops in Colombia aims to serve 200 patients daily, giving priority to women of childbearing age, pregnant women, infants and children under 17 years of age from Venezuela,” they wrote in their Twitter account. They claimed that they came to attend two hundred desperate Venezuelan patients a day on the border, but on the day of their debut, when all the media were there to sing the chorus at the fake concert, they found Venezuelans but far from the conditions they had described.

Further north in the country of Colombia is where the real desperation is, children die of malnutrition and to the south and west too where millions of Colombians have struggled to survive their hunger and poverty for centuries.  But this crisis is not what the White Helmets, or the Colombian government for that matter, are interested in. Meanwhile thousands of Colombians who flee to Venezuelans for many reasons including violence are accepted with little fanfare, no media circus no White Helmet faux concern.

The problem for the White Helmets is that we already know what they are up to. We have seen the trail of blood that they have left behind in Syria. They are cynics; doctors who are supposed to save lives, but instead they are embedded in terrorist groups who pave the way to death instead. They are nothing but terrorists themselves, financed by NATO, and the imperial powers disguised as doctors, stagers of false flag operations, and a major part of the prologue to “humanitarian” bombing.

In 2017 we suffered a tropical and failed version of these fake medical groups in Venezuela. This grouping was called the Green Helmets that, endowed with very good Go Pro cameras, documented the violence that the Guarimberos generated and attributed it to the government as state crimes. Fortunately they gained no traction, as the war that they wanted to impose on us did not happen.

Now they arrive in Cúcuta, while U.S. Vice President Mike Pence is in Manaus to set up a well orchestrated  show like that, while the opposition is quiet, and the World Cup is in full swing. And they believe that nobody will notice.

Source: Ultimas Noticias translation, Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau.