U.S. Envoy to Argentina Mistook a Country

By Carlos Aznarez on December 10, 2019

Of course it would be Clarin, the Argentinean  newspaper accessory of the 1976 dictatorship and eternal destabilizing agent against any sovereign government, that released the news about U.S. official Mauricio Claver-Carone being “outraged” given the presence of Venezuela’s Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez and Ecuadorian former President Rafael Correa. The two of them had been invited by Argentina’s new President-elect, Alberto Fernandez, for his inauguration ceremony. This irritated Donald Trump’s envoy, arrogant Claver-Carone, who surely believed he was arriving in one of the many colonies or submissive governments (such as those that populate the Lima Group) that are still paying tribute to them. But no, Argentina is not like that now  Mr.Trump, with a degree of freedom and pride for our people, your vassal Mauricio Macri is no longer in office. Therefore, your disdainful attitude is irrelevant and it was good Claver-Carone left early because, as Bolivarian citizens in that Venezuela you wished to invade and as we repeat now: “Respect this Country.”

But let’s see who this figure is, disregarding diplomat protocols with his inappropriate behavior. He is Cuban American, fierce defender of the blockade on Cuba. So much that he did not hesitate to prove his contempt to the Barack Obama Administration, which had a bit more relaxed stance back then.

Lawyer, born in Miami and closely related to the anti-Cuban movement, Claver-Carone has performed well defending the interests of multinational companies (it couldn’t be otherwise) as well as acting U.S. executive director at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Nowadays, he is Senior Director for Western Hemisphere Affairs at the National Security Council.

He has always been such an extremist when expressing his hatred about Cuba’s revolutionary government that commenting on the death of great humanist and rebel Commander Fidel Castro, he even told the press “the bloody dictator has finally left this world.” He also served as executive director for the US-Cuba Democracy PAC, an extreme right-wing lobby that replaced in Washington the Cuban American National Foundation and opposed laws that would “fund the repressive machinery” of what he calls “Cuba’s dictatorship.”

Given all these precedents, it’s not surprising that Trump’s provocateur wanted to leave early. He was not able to stand sharing the same space with two patriots like Rodriguez and Correa for running the risk of “contaminating” himself with any amount of leftism that terrifies his U.S. bosses.

When he left, angry and distressed, Claver-Carone suspended the meeting he was supposed to have with Foreign Minister Felipe Sola believing that his action would scare the new Administration. But that was not the only track he left with his departure. Before that, he had met with an envoy of Venezuela’s self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido who wanted to and couldn’t be his “ambassador” to Argentina.

It’s worth recalling that the Trump Administration had expressed concern for Alberto Fernandez’s solidarity with Bolivian President Evo Morales, helping him get out of his own country to prevent being murdered by fascism—that now is in the hands of a de facto government. That was not “scheduled” in Trump’s agenda either, who had previously predicted “good relations” with the new Argentinean Administration but then his arrogance and interventionist attitude eclipsed any attempt of “seduction” or “cooptation.” Now that Claver-Carone left all of a sudden prior consultations with the supremacist multimillionaire, the two of them wanted to prove that they are offended because what they thought was a simple banana republic suddenly became a Republic that is not willing to be a client state.

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano, translation North America bureau