International Concert from the US against the Blockade of Cuba July 18 and 19

On July 18 and 19, the “Concert for Cuba” will take place online, from an initiative of the Hot House of Chicago and in coordination with the Cuban Institute of Music and the Ministry of Culture of Cuba.

The action aims to denounce the effects of the economic, financial and commercial blockade by the U.S. government against the Caribbean nation and to support the nomination of the Cuban Medical Contingent Henry Reeve for the Nobel Peace Prize, for its contributions in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, a fight which Cuba has greatly contributed to by sending 41 medical brigades to 34 countries and territories.

Renowned artists from Cuba, Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa will be donating their time and talents in a gesture of solidarity for the island nation  that does not give what they have left over but what they have. The line-up will include figures such as Alexander Abreu and Habana D’ Primera, Orquesta Aragón, Susana Baca, Jane Bunnett with Danae Olano, Bush, Proyecto Socio-Cultural El Patio de Adela and El Caverchelo. comb with Ben Lapidus, Jon Cleary, Barbara Dane with Pablo Menéndez y Mezcla, Osain del Monte, “Nachito” Herrera, Oscar Hernández, Los Van Van, Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra, Aruán Ortiz, Ozomatli, Omara Portuondo with the Failde Orchestra, John Santos, the Septeto Santiaguero, Síntesis, Omar Sosa, Orbert Davis’ Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, Tom Morello, Dayramir Gonzalez, Miguel Zenón, Grupo Moncada, Nancy Morejón, Dionne Warwick, Pedrito Martinez and Michael Mc Donald, among others.

Many artists, writers, personalities, and social activists will be joining into this celebration of Cuban culture, with strong messages of solidarity for Cuba and its people. This extensive list includes world-class personalities such as Danny Glover, Medea Benjamin, Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson Sr, Rafael Lay, Cesar Pedroso, Jorge Gomez, Adalberto Alvarez, Congressman Danny Davis, Congressman Jesus G. “Chuy” Garcia, Los Angeles City Councilor Mike Bonin, James Early, David Soul, Ron Perlman, Judith Le Blanc, Antonio Gonzales, Alicia Jrapko, Jontay Darko, Juan de Marcos Gonzalez, Alfredo Caxaj, Ed Asner, Aislinn Sol, Mike Farrell, Ronnie Malley and Wilfred W. Labiosa.

This is the first time in the cultural relations between both countries that a virtual platform of performers and audiences has been organized. The program offers daily transmission for approximately two and a half hours, at the following times: 8.00 pm (Havana, New York) – 7.00 pm (Chicago) – 5.00 pm (Los Angeles).

The two-day event will be accessible free of charge through the platforms and social networks of Hot House Global, the Ministry of Culture and the Cuban Music Institute, as well as through a chain of linked pages Streaming Cuba.

Register for the free concert

Endorse the nomination of Cuba Medical Brigade Henry Reeve

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano, translation North America bureau