Venezuela: The Relaxation of the Opposition

By Richard Canan on May 20, 2021.

What yes, what no. In Juan Guaidó’s burning ranch everything is rice with mango. A mess of great magnitude. Worse than the tale of the clueless crab. His juggling and morisquette have left him with his legs upside down. He has opened up a tremendous quarrel in the bosom of the fascist right wing that for years has opted for coups and the generation of violence, promoting criminal blockades, attempted assassinations, maritime invasions and other terrorist ploys.

Already distanced from the democratic spirit, they have lost the taste for having to present themselves before the sovereign people, walk the streets or talk directly to the people asking for their vote house by house, explaining directly their government proposals. They spoiled all the ways of doing high politics, with debate, with ideas. For sure they will find empty streets, with closed doors, with the reality that the people turn their backs on them and hate them for their leading role in the generation of violence and the blockade that prevents the most elementary operations for the purchase of medicines, vaccines and food.

In any case, welcome back to the electoral game, to the democratic path. It is good that they participate in elections. Let them be measured. That they have to go through the opinion of the Venezuelan electorate, which will have the last word. If they favor them with their vote or if they are thrown to the dustbin of history for all their aggression against the homeland. This will be clearly seen in the regional and local elections of November.

The judgment of history advances relentlessly. That is why we see with total cynicism and desperation the spokesman of the extremist wing of the opposition, the puppet Juan Guaidó. In his new role of trapeze artist, he had to go out to pick up his failed mantra stumbling on the tightrope. There is no more cessation of usurpation, no more violent exits, no more coups d’état.

With his tail between his legs, he released a colorful speech of resignation, in terms that show the whirlwind and dispersion in the opposition ranks. With his futile verb he launched that now he does believe that there is “a feasible and clear route” and pulling out of his hat a new magical proposal of “National Salvation”, he affirms that “free and fair elections are the fundamental step to achieve it”. The dissociated Guaidó understands that there must be an “Agreement” among all the actors. But he knows in advance that the different internal currents that oppose him are already in the streets campaigning, that is why he bitterly claims that “We need union and direction. We need the biggest and best possible union. Union and unity is not unanimity”. What desperation. Guaidó smells of formaldehyde and guayabera. He knows that in any internal election he would be left without the goat and without the rope. And the truth is that the opposition has never paid much attention to his nonsense.

From the comfort of his luxurious habitat in Bogota, the “diplomat”, sybarite and sheik, Mr. Julio Borges, is also swallowing hard and is keeping silent, sticking his tongue in his tail so as not to divide the diverse positions of his yellowish Primero Justicia party. In his chattering and incontinent social networks there is only silence on the subject of the electoral scenario and the participation of his party. He hardly declared publicly his approval for the bloody genocide that the Israeli colonizer exercises with impunity over the Palestinian people. To endorse Israel’s “right to exercise self-defense” is to support its perverse plan of territorial annexation, with the human displacement and total extermination of the Palestinian people. A lackey and shameful position dragged at the feet of the American empire. Borges is a crude character, a coward who does not even dare to contradict his party colleague, Carlos Ocariz, who walks the streets acknowledging that “the people are fed up, disenchanted with the opposition leadership, with our way of doing politics”. What disillusionment, what an ugly relaxation.

Returning to Guaidó’s forced words, his change of speech is a script written from the Pentagon. This sad puppet carries out instructions from his masters in the White House. That is the problem with the lackey-peons, they have no autonomy or criteria of their own. They are pieces of change that the gringos use and discard according to their interests and conveniences. Guaidó himself is a nobody, with no roots, weight or political history. He will be dismissed at the first opportunity. His Twitter government (pure MediaLab) did not take root even among the disenchanted opposition right wing, which is already looking to other horizons, far away from the bitter misfortune of the “cessation of the usurpation”.

For the time being, there are six months ahead to prepare the electoral route that will allow the people to vote for governors, deputies of the Legislative Councils, mayors and councilmen. To choose with total freedom, defending as always their democratic values. No one will take away the full exercise of our political rights. Neither Leopoldo López, nor Julio Borges, nor Juan Guaidó. The people will never follow the path of stateless people who betray them.

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano, translation Resumen – English