Peru: Congress Approves with Confidence Castillio and Bellido’s Cabinet

August 27, 2021

Peru’s Prime Minister Guido Bellido

After two days of great tension inside and outside Congress, the cabinet presented by Prime Minister Guido Bellido was finally approved by a significant difference of votes; 73 votes to 50. With bulletproof patience, Bellido and his ministers had to listen to all kinds of infamies from the mouths of the right-wing benches, to which the deputies of Peru Libre answered with composure and firmness. One of the last speakers was the congressman spokesman of the centrist party Podemos who ratified the critical support to the cabinet, and then Bellido and each one of the ministers presented their plans.

Finally, the Prime Minister once again denied his relationship with “terrorism”, of which he was accused throughout the session by the fujimoristas, and in an emotional and forceful speech, he pointed out that they will govern for everyone but especially for the most humble, those who were never taken into account and he culminated his talk with a greeting of homage to the native peoples of Peru, in the Kechua language, with approval from his side.

Then came the vote and there, with the result already exposed, the congressmen of Peru Libre exploded in jubilation, since an important battle had been won.

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano