Venezuelan President Maduro: ‘Afghanistan Speaks Volumes on Decline of US Empire’

August 17, 2021

photo: prensa presidential

The warmongering and interventionist policy of the United States empire has failed, as evidenced by the “pathetic” situation in which Afghanistan was left following the 20-year US occupation, according to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

What’s more, the Venezuelan President said that the misinformation given by US intelligence just days prior indicates that they’re either tragically misinformed “or someone within the United States intelligence apparatus is conspiring” to try to sink the US President.

During President Maduro press conference with the international media, from the Ayacucho Hall of the Miraflores Palace, he said that Washington’s strategy in Afghanistan was the vision they had for Venezuela; “A military intervention to bring us a civil war” using the principle of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), sponsored by the extremist opposition and the Organization of American States (OAS).

“We are preparing ourselves with a powerful Bolivarian National Armed Forces, with more than 4,500,000 armed militiamen throughout the national territory, to tell any empire in the world: if you come to Venezuela, you’ll get in, but you won’t get out. To enforce respect for this land glorious (…) Venezuela wants peace and tranquility,” he said.

In an appeal for peace, President Maduro said that after 20 years of war, Venezuela hopes that the people of Afghanistan can solve their own problems in peace, dialogue and without foreign intervention.

“Those images that we have seen are just terrible. The United States withdraws from Afghanistan and leaves a country in civil war. 20 years later, they said that they had built an army of 300,000 soldiers with the best weapons in the world. Lies! Six days ago the President, sorry, US intelligence said for the Taliban to take Kabul it would take 90 days. They were either well misinformed, about a country that it had intervened and occupied—which speaks volumes about the decline of the U.S. empire—or someone within the United States intelligence apparatus is conspiring to misplace and harm Joe Biden. With the experience we have I say, someone in the United States intelligence apparatus gave recommendations to sink Joe Biden, because you can see the calls of the US right and Trump yesterday calling for Biden’s resignation. They begin to develop a coup strategy that we know well here in Venezuela. The images of truth, of the situation of chaos, decomposition, the destruction of Afghanistan that the United States left after 20 years, are pathetic!”

“And what happened in 20 years in Afghanistan? Wars, bombings, destruction, bombs. What did the US military intervention in Afghanistan solve? What did it solve? How did it help the people? Deaths, and deaths, and deaths. How did the military intervention help the people of Iraq? How many dead? More than a million in Iraq. How many deaths were there in Libya? How many died in the civil war and the bombings in Syria? And now how do we see what happened in Afghanistan? That the warmongering and interventionist policy of the United States empire in the world has failed! And that they should draw very clear conclusions in their threats to the other regions of the world.”

“In this same room, in October 2001, after the horrific terrorist attacks against the Twin Towers in New York, Commander President Hugo Chávez said: ‘Violence cannot be fought with more violence, terrorism with more terrorism, not like that,’. Maduro than showed the front cover of the newspaper in 2001 showing a man in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, in his destroyed house, with his children killed as a result of a bomb dropped by order of George W. Bush in his air strikes against Afghanistan, and Commander Chávez spoke from the heart when he said: ‘not like this, not like this, you can not fight terrorism with more terrorism, violence with more violence.’ He said it more than 20 years ago and that led to the threats from the George Bush administration that led the United States government to order the opposition and the Venezuelan right to begin their preparations to overthrow Hugo Chávez. That gave rise to the plan that culminated in the coup on April 11 2002. Find out, you are very young, find out, there are declassified documents.”

“You saw the Kabul airport, you have seen it, there are images that leaves little unknown. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Starting the planes of the United States, there are the people of Afghanistan, subjected to 20 years of war, destroyed, abandoned, then running, to leave desperately on that plane, from their own country. There are some even more terrible images of some Afghans who managed to hang on to the landing gear of the plane, and when the plane starts, when it begins to elevate, the bodies of the Afghans fall, as Afghanistan falls, before history. What lessons is the world going to draw? Who is it who calls for more military intervention in the world? Who asks for it, who supports it? This is what they wanted with Venezuela, a military intervention to bring us a civil war. This has us recalling the images of Vietnam, 1975 as the US fled Saigon.

We follow this news, live and direct, in real time on Sunday morning watching this news, surprised at what was happening while the threats of sanctions continue, Anthony Blinken came out to threaten more sanctions against Afghanistan. Not enough for you? The deaths, the civil war, terrorism, the wounded, the pain, the chaos and the despair of Afghanistan and they continue to threaten it with sanctions. In the 21st century, the world of sanctions, of military interventionism, of war, has to end and US hegemony has to end in the 21st century. The United States will always be a great power, but hopefully, it will aspire to be a power of peace, the people of the United States want it.”

Source: Kawsachun News