Historic Victory for the Sandinista Revolution and a Beating for the Industry of Hate

By Raúl Alejandro Palmero on November 9, 2021

Preliminary results have given 75% of the votes in Nicaragua’s presidential election on Sunday to Daniel Ortega, legendary commandante  of the Sandinista National Liberation Front.

Mocking the clucking of forecasts calling for abstention, driven by the big disinformation media, the turnout was overwhelming with more than 65% of the electoral roll present at the polls. Those models that teach classes on democracy and claim to be “models” but than never exceed 50% of popular participation, and in most cases not even 20% should take note of this remarkable turnout of the people.

Now the paid analysts are raining down, trying to justify the astonishment and the bad time of the powerful of this world. They base their shameful defeat on the arrests carried out by the government against participants and accomplices of the openly terrorist escalation that the country suffered in 2018.

The world has been able to see the images of those months of terror. A crude, but necessary, summary can be found in the Documentary “Alliance of Chaos”, to understand well the supposed “peaceful” character that those days had: assassinations, sabotage, torture, people burned alive in the middle of the street and more.

The officials of Western political laboratories cry and stamp their feet; they say that the opposition leaders were arrested. However, none of those arrested or charged so far had presidential candidate status; not even pre-candidate status for any of the opposition political groups and parties.

The “objective” BBC press network has even published a work with the title “Power is not at stake, there is no electoral competition”. However, with this alleged “absence of opposition” the following Parties and Coalitions participated in yesterday’s elections with the following results.

  • Constitutional Liberal Party (14%).
  • Camino Cristiano ( 3.44%).
  • Independent Liberal Party (1.70%).
  • Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance (3.27%)
  • Alianza por la República (2.20%).

These are real fellow losers with little electoral competition, but that is not the fault of the Sandinistas, but of the people of Sandino, and the absence of a serious or better proposal by those who play along with external interests

They repeat with loud speakers that there were no international observers. But that is another lie, and a mediocre one at that. There were actually over 170 who spread out around the country and yesterday we were able to listen to more than a dozen international observers and auditors: congressmen, congresswomen and representatives from all continents, who praised the transparency and good organization of the electoral process.

The Nicaraguans are no fools. Of course they are not going to legitimize agents and operators of change at the service of hegemonic interests as observers. Coincidentally, the same people who recently provoked the coup d’état against comrade Evo in Bolivia, and who have not yet been brought to justice, are demanding to participate.

They lie about the level of poverty and social insecurity in Nicaragua, overlooking the disaster in the countries where they live under neo-liberal-colonialism. Not a single word about the economic growth of Nicaragua’s economy, and its indisputable social achievements.

Let’s just enjoy the pathetic bluster of: the gringos and their declarations of what is legitimate or not; the medieval colonizers of the European Union with their cut and paste announcements from the State Department; the almost soundless drone of a joke called Organization of American States (OAS); the choir boys (without voice or vote) of the Canadian government, and other whining losers of the contest.

There is nothing easier than googling, and reading the usual lie, which will appear as a preference at the top of your search engine, elevated and weighted by the dictatorship of the algorithm. What is difficult, but honest and truly revolutionary, is to go to the bottom of the events, to the causes and conditions of the social processes.

Let the dogs howl, comrade dinosaurs of the international oligarchy; but let’s take note, and lower our heads. It is a day of Victory. The Nicaraguan people, in its immense majority, cling to its freedom. Millions of people continue to disprove the industry of hate.

Sandino Lives!

Source: La Pupila Insomne, translation Resumen Latinoamericano – English