Cuba: Our Horizon

By Ernesto Estévez Rams on March 30, 2022

Our horizon is not national sovereignty. National sovereignty is a necessary but not sufficient condition. We are not interested in a sovereign and prosperous country for a nova-bourgeois minority, no matter how sovereign it may feel and how willing, if that is possible, to defend national independence.

Of course, at this stage of our own history, of humanity and of our neighborhood, to consider the possibility of building a nationalist Cuban bourgeoisie is purely an exercise in deception, but even so, we are not interested in it. That is why it is not about democracy without surnames, which in the end is bourgeois democracy with all its inequalities and economic and political injustices. Dress it up however you want but in the end it is a paper democracy while the majority is deprived of economic democracy in the name of efficiency and capitalist globalization.

The democracy we believe in is democracy based on socialist power, that is, the fundamental means of production in the hands of the people, socialist ownership for those fundamental means, whether in state or cooperative form. The democracy we believe in is not that which moves on the political plane without reference to the economic structure, that comes from a single political class disguised as multi partyism.

Our democracy is not the one that pretends to infer its legitimacy from legal formalities that hide relations of economic power of a minority over a majority. That is to say, our horizon is called communism and that horizon for sixty years has been built here little by little, stumbling, erring and succeeding, avoiding traps and dodging threats and facing global capitalism.

Source: La Pupila Insomne, translation Resumen Latinoamericano – English