The NATO Summit in Spain

By Ángel Guerra Cabrera on June 29, 2020

participants of the Peoples Summit in LA protest against NATO in early June. photo: Bill Hackwell

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) concludes today its summit in Madrid and is the opposite of the image of unity, cohesion and martial spirit spread by the imperialist war propaganda, omnipresent and uniformed to the millimeter, in the hegemonic media of the “West”. Something similar to their boomerang “sanctions” against Russia. Behind the smiles for the photos of the mediocre rulers of the United States (US), Europe and their Asian guests to this masquerade, there is their resistance to admit “the end of unipolarity”, categorically proclaimed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the prestigious St. Petersburg Forum. And also, their useless, but dangerous, refusal to accept the multipolar and multicentric world, a reality that is not finished but is unfolding under their eyes. The smiles and laughter of the NATO leaders cannot hide their fear of the military defeat they see coming in Ukraine, which they have turned into an instrument -and painful victim- of their onslaught against Russia almost since the collapse of the USSR, for which they have always felt a phobia, which is now pathologically exacerbated.

Precisely, the importance of this summit lies in their desperate attempt, officially converted into a new strategy of the alliance, to create a global military coalition against Moscow, which, of course, also targets China as the main strategic enemy to be defeated, since in the economic and scientific fields it is well on its way to overtaking Washington and already surpasses it in several fundamental fields. Not to mention the remarkable superiority, if we are to believe many Western experts, of Russia’s hypersonic missiles -whether or not they are capable of carrying nuclear weapons-, and also of several of its conventional weapons.

The presence at the summit of Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea responds not only to their support for Ukraine against Russia, but also to the strong rise of China in the Indo-Pacific region. As well as the US plans for an eventual conflict over Taiwan, a territory recognized as Chinese, which Beijing categorically and solemnly claims but where Washington does not cease to mount provocations about.

The much-trumpeted incorporation of Sweden and Finland, although a serious provocation against Russia, like the torrent of heavy weapons to Ukraine to the delight of the arms industry, does not substantially change the military correlation of forces but does contribute to aggravate and prolong the warlike conflict in Europe, that could lead to an eventual territorial extension of the theater of military operations and to increase the risk of a nuclear war.

NATO is a sort of foreign legion of the US, a fact aggravated by the shameful European subordination to Washington after the war waged against Russia with Ukrainian cannon fodder, except for some resistances, almost always weak and faint-hearted, such as those of the Gallic Macron and the German Sholz. When mentioning European obsequiousness, it is obligatory to refer to Spain, host of the NATO summit, which can hardly be surpassed in terms of servility. The most serious and recent proof is its recognition, to please Washington, is Morocco’s annexation plan of the territory of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, in a vile act of betrayal of its duties as a colonial power before the UN General Assembly and international law. With the blood still freshly spilled in Melilla we had a taste of Spanish NATO-like democracy.

The US, the greatest economic and military power in the West, while it has had a great capacity to devastate countries and murder masses of people, ultimately is defeated in all of its wars: Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia… The withering defeat of its attempted invasion of Cuba with a mercenary force supported by its warships, in 1961, preceded by the beatings, which had already  taken place in the 1920s and 1930s, that had been inflicted on the Marines in Nicaragua by the free man general Augusto César Sandino.

However, it is historically very important to emphasize the primacy of Washington as a homicidal and genocidal machine, not thinking only of the horrendous extermination with nuclear weapons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, open cities without military objectives. Centuries earlier it had initiated the mass extermination of most of the original population of the territory it occupies today. But its criminal performance in the post-World War II period should also be highlighted, when, according to a thorough study by James A. Lucas, the U.S. and NATO had reportedly started the mass extermination of most of the original populations of any territory it occupies today. According to Lucas, the US and NATO are said to have killed between 20 and 30 million people in 37 victim countries.

Sooner or later NATO will end up in the dustbin of history and will not be able to stop the new world that is forming; one that features peace, cooperation and true free trade and respect for international law emanating in international coalitions like BRICS, the Eurasian Union, CELAC, the African Union and ASEAN.

Source: La Pupilia Insomne, translation Resumen Latinoamericano –  English