Culture of Peace

By Soledad Cruz Guerra on September 27, 2022

photo: Bill Hackwell

When the threat of a third world war seems like a near danger, the 77th General Assembly of the UN has shown in most of the interventions of the member states the alarming situation of the planet and the non-existence of a culture of peace, despite the fact that the emergence of that organization was due to the need to rid the world of wars that prevent development, progress and welfare.

The universal democracy proposed in the founding charter of the United Nations has been hijacked by the American empire and its Western henchmen, who have distorted the possibility of understanding and respect among the various countries through the violent means of blackmail, pressure, sanctions and military intervention whenever they have deemed it necessary for their interests.

That a member of the UN, such as the United States, allows itself to start wars anywhere in the world, that in fact it is responsible for most of the wars that occurred after the great international conflict that ended in 1945, that it continues to do so, without ever receiving a sanction, is the proof of a failed democracy, is the proof of a failed democracy on an international scale that has had a disastrous influence on the democratic aspirations of many countries that have been coerced, attacked and attacked if they do not conform to the single model of the hegemonic centers based on complacency with capital and not on solutions to the pressing problems suffered by the majority of the inhabitants of the Earth.

These obvious realities do not reach, however, the understanding required by a good part of the earthlings, not only by those who can barely think of the tenacious struggle for survival, but also by illustrious thinkers, academics, theorists, who do not reach the causal essences of the lack of true human emancipation. Everything is designed to turn the frailties of human nature into a support for the greatest cruelties and to justify with them the blunders that can make the species itself disappear.

Selfishness, individualism, ruthless competition, the supremacy of some over others, the excessive consumption of the goods provided by nature are stimulated by propaganda, passing through video games and, far from fostering a culture of peace, they encourage the most irrational tendencies, which lead to confrontation and prevent dialogue as a settler of individual or social conflicts.

In addition, a planetary system governed by inequality, lack of equity, exploitation of some so that others may become richer, cannot foster a culture of peace that transcends the animal principle of force that has legitimized violence as a harmful factor of change, which does not benefit the necessary stability for planetary existence, although, also, the prevailing extreme situations leave violence as the only possibility to shake off masked slavery in the 21st century, about which the French intellectual André Malraux predicted that it would be spiritual or it would not be.

The sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations have made evident the evils that afflict earthlings in any part of the world, the possibility of a third war, the lack of spirituality that all this

expresses and should function as an alert for peoples, artists, intellectuals in defense of this humanity in danger.

Source: Red In Defense of Humanity (REDH) translation Resumen Latinoamericano – US