Latin America: The Democracy in Use

By Soledad Cruz on September 6, 2022

por Cuba; genuine, demonstration of democracy. photo: Bill Hackwell

Those who want to govern in favor of their peoples in Latin America immediately find the greatest obstacles to fulfill their proposed programs, which were the reasons the majority voted in their favor.

The democracy in use, kidnapped by the hegemonic powers, internal and foreign, sets more than a few traps in the name of freedom, the division of powers, the rights granted, especially to the big capitalists that have perverted the democratic essences, because there is nothing more antidemocratic than the millionaire riches of some and the extreme poverty of the many others.

The ideas of equity and common good that encourage candidates, who reach the presidency by popular vote, in the 21st Century have against their realization, not only political opponents and big capital, but also an accomplice press, and officials of spurious interests, which, with half-truths or blatant lies criticizes the actions of the rulers that come with purposes of progress for the underprivileged, They foment doubts about their intentions and have managed to make people believe that the evils of this world come from socialist aspirations, instead of stimulating individualism and masking the responsibility of the capitalist system in the crisis that this failed world is experiencing for millions of earthlings.

Those committed to improving the living conditions of the workers also suffer from the manipulations of the new technologies, through which in the most primitive and irrational way urges hate as a weapon of attack against political and ideological differences and even use God as a justification to roll back universal conquests achieved after bloody struggles.

The Peruvian Congress for example has made it impossible for the elected president to act, the Argentinean judiciary, without evidence, is trying in Argentina to condemn the vice-president and eliminate her from the political scene, an entourage of the new Colombian president has already suffered a deadly attack, the Mexican president has had economic measures favorable to the country regarding electricity rejected.

All these are evidences that shows that the democracy in use does not respect the manifest will of the majority vote, and this makes essential the need for a system that really responds to the majority aspirations of equity and justice, violated today by the oligarchic and imperial powers all over the world.

The continental and world panorama shows the aggravation of tensions that compromise the possibility of universal peace and it is not necessary to be an expert in international analysis to become aware of the certain dangers, those responsible for them and the construction of the weakened leftists that foment disunity, not diversity, when it is more necessary to capitalize on the growing nonconformities of the workers to transform them into factors and agents of change, in this hell that the kingdom of this world is becoming, towards something that is now limited only to one Caribbean island.

Source: La Pupilia Insomne, translation Resumen Latinoamericano – US