Bolivia in the Crosshairs of Yankee Hegemonism

By Raúl Antonio Capote on November 6, 2022

No to the coup d’etat in Bolivia, photo: Perez del Carpio, picture-alliance

Once again the oligarchy allied with the US government and the Yankee transnationals are waving in Bolivia the banner of division, rupture and regression to the past of exclusion, inequality and oblivion.

Camouflaged under the cloak of “rights”, the narrative of the soft coup seeks to destabilize the country, tear down the pillars that support the plurinational State and bring about chaos leading to a new coup d’état.

It is not surprising that, recently, the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, took up again his proposal for a “federal Bolivia”, a project that aims “to confront the plurinational State model” established in the Constitution.

The plurinational State was consecrated by the 2009 Constitution, Magna Carta promulgated by President Evo Morales (2006-2019), which proclaims a “decentralized and autonomous” Bolivia.

The conservative sectors of Santa Cruz defend the idea of federalism, even with a proposal for autonomy that did not prosper in the Constituent Assembly of 2007-2008.

The national strike called in the department of Santa Cruz (east), to demand a census in 2023, is going on without its organizers listening to reason, in spite of the Government’s constant commitment to dialogue and understanding.

The President of Bolivia, Luis Arce, presented, this past Friday night, the work of the technical table that will have the purpose of defining the date of the new national census.

At the opening ceremony, held in the city of Trinidad, capital of the department of Beni, the Bolivian president denounced the attempts of the ultra-right to overthrow him.

“This view of the census, unfortunately, generated a political approach, since it was not only used as an instrument of destabilization of the Government, but also seeks to overthrow it”, said the Bolivian Head of State.

The Population and Housing Census, established in the Bolivian Constitution to be carried out every ten years, was announced for November 16, 2022, but was postponed for technical reasons to 2024.

The results obtained from the population registry are used for the reallocation of parliamentary seats in each region, and the redistribution of public resources, which is now done on the basis of data from the last census, in 2012.

Recently, President Arce exposed the true coup intentions of the opposition, which are hidden behind destabilizing actions, such as the indefinite departmental strike called by Governor Luis Fernando Camacho in Santa Cruz, on October 22.

According to Bolivian political analyst and sociologist Eduardo Paz Rada, this is an action that seeks to bring about the fall of the government. “For the great majority of the people of Santa Cruz, this is an action of the oligarchic elites of Santa Cruz, who want to generate a political conflict”, said the analyst to Telescopio.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) and former Bolivian president, Evo Morales, asked the militancy of that organization to avoid the provocations of those who want to generate violence in the country.

Who Pulls the Strings that Rocks the Cradle

The social researcher and writer Marcelo Colussi, born in Argentina, wrote: “we must never forget that the enemy is not the master’s bodyguard: he is still the master”.

The United States is losing ground and its projected dream of an American 21st century is fading. It is no secret to anyone today that the People’s Republic of China, with its booming economy, is on its way to becoming the world’s number one power by 2030 at the latest, and Russia is not far behind.

The confluence of international interests of these two powerful nations and their allies make them an influential alternative front to U.S. power, with increasing weight south of the Rio Grande.

In these circumstances, the United States believes it is more necessary than ever to control its “backyard”, to subdue the restless nations of the continent in any way possible. In the U.S. geopolitical map, Bolivia plays an extremely important role, due to its geographic location and the enormous wealth of its minerals in the soil.

These are the reasons this nation is in the crosshairs of the main actions of unconventional warfare, to bring about a regime change that favors the interests of the empire. If we follow, step by step, what is happening today in the South American sister nation, we will see that the tactic used in 2019 is being repeated.

It is not surprising then that, in the recent US report, presented by the Government of Joe Biden, the farce that, in October 2019, the then candidate and also president, Evo Morales (2006-2019), committed electoral fraud to stay in power, a version sustained by the Organization of American States (OAS), is reaffirmed.

This document constitutes an endorsement of  the de facto government that the U.S. financed, supported and defended, as well as a significant encouragement to the opposition to Luis Arce’s government.

Source: Granma, translation Resumen Latinoamericano – US