Argentina: Cristina Fernández Speaks Out after 6-year Prison Sentence Is Handed Down against Her

December 6, 2022

CFK, photo: Pagina 12

The vice-president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (CFK), has been sentenced to six years in prison and permanently disqualified from holding public office. The grounds for the sentence will be announced next year. Here the vice-president speaks after the ruling from her office and dismantles the Lawfare operations.

“ It is clear that the idea was to convict me, the cases were already pre judged and dismissed,” CFK explained. “The prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola could not respond to the allegations and only told lies”.

During her presentation, the Vice President assured that “I will never be a favorite of power”CFK added “this system is responsible for the sentence”.

This is a Parallel State and Judicial Mafia

Vice-President Cristina Fernández said today that the 6-year prison sentence against her is not due to a “lawfare or a judicial party; this is a parallel state and judicial mafia”. She went on to point out that”confirmation” of this situation was cooked on a trip of ex-officials, magistrates and ex-intelligence agents to Lago Escondido, which President Alberto Fernandez referred to yesterday on national TV.

The Vice President pointed out that when she was President of the Nation she did not have “control of the laws that are approved” by the Legislative Power and remarked that “the President of the Republic does not manage the budget either”.

“As you may have heard me during the hearings, I absolutely proved that, according to the Constitution, I do not have the management of the laws that are approved by deputies and senators. They say that I committed the crime through the sanction of laws. I do not legislate, that is what the deputies and senators are for. And the President of the Republic neither administers nor executes the budget”, said Fernandez de Kirchner after the verdict in the Vialidad case was known.

Regarding the scandal of the lawfare chats about the trip of judges, businessmen and officials of the Buenos Aires government, the Vice-President pointed out that it was “the confirmation of a parallel state system where the life, the patrimony and the freedom of the Argentine people as a whole are deliberated over outside the electoral results”.

“This came to light this this weekend when the news of a secret trip of renowned judges and prosecutors to Lago Escondido was leaked with financed supposedly by a multimedium.”

The Judges have 4 Days to Make the Grounds for the Verdict Known

The reading of the verdict, which was made by videoconference for all parties and with only the presence in court of the three judges, was made by the magistrate Jorge Gorini.

Although the verdict was announced this afternoon, the judges have a period of 40 working days to make their arguments known, which – taking into account the proximity of the January judicial fair – stretches the deadlines into the first quarter of next year.

The two-time president of Argentina will not serve the sentence at least as long as she retains  her position in the Executive Branch, unless she is impeached. In addition, the ruling, which will be appealed by her defense, must be ratified in other judicial outstanding issues.

Source: Cuba en Resumen