Peru: The Coup within the Coup

By Carlos Aznarez on December 22, 2022

The Peruvian usurper “president” Dina Boluarte continues with her plans of prolonged permanence in a government that she assaulted as part of a right-wing plan. At the same time, she emphasizes the idea that the best course of action is a brutal repression of what she calls “vandals”, who are none other than the Peruvian people dissatisfied with the Fujimori coup. There have been around 30 deaths, hundreds of wounded and arrested, and the implementation of a state of militarization that has not been seen since the times of the dictator Alberto Fujimori. This is the true face of those who, by force, ousted the legitimate president Pedro Castillo from the government.

Then there is the corrupt Congress, openly dominated by the right-wing loyal to Keiko Fujimori and with the consent of the so-called “leftist” congressmen, who have had no shame in resigning their posts. These congressmen are the ones who provide “legality” to an institution that is the flagship of any self-respecting bourgeois democracy. They are, furthermore, part of the “coup within the coup”, by insisting on voting for an early election so as to continue ignoring the fact that the only president the people support is being held hostage in a prison in Lima. Thus, these “leftists” gave a quorum and some of them voted with both hands for the elections to be held in April 2024.

But it is important to emphasize that part of this discourse of “bringing forward elections”, imposed as a “solution” to sectors of the population, is part of the same coup plot. Consider this: The first question to be asked is: why should elections be brought forward if Pedro Castillo’s term of office will not expire until 2026? Some “progressive” politicians do not seem to understand what broad sectors of the people who are mobilizing in all regions against the coup have begun to see so well, and who are demanding “Castillo’s restitution, a constituent assembly and the closing of Congress”.

This is no coincidence, given that the so-called “caviar left”, clearly social-democratic, ran with its own candidacy in the first round of the election won by Castillo. After a thunderous defeat, forced by the circumstances, they put their fiddle in the bag and joined in supporting Castillo, who won in the second round. From that moment on, the leftist party tried in a thousand ways to approach Castillo to influence him to break his ties with the Peru Libre party -that is, the real left, Marxist-Leninist party- which was the one that provided him with the party structure to run in the elections. They insisted so much that they finally succeeded: in one of those permanent cabinet changes made by Castillo, it was the “caviars’” turn to climb into the government, but of course, they did not last long, because neither the most radical nor the lukewarm ones were spared the onslaught of Fujimorism. They are all equally included by that fascist ultra-right wing that applied State Terrorism, when Fujimori-Montesinos governed, to assassinate tens of thousands of peasants, indigenous people, workers and students.

Now that the last link of the coup plot has been consummated, now that the “murderous Dina” (as those from below call her) dreams of ruling with its henchmen until 2026, and that the military and the police forces are at ease, raiding, torturing, killing, while the Congress of infamy, with all the politicians involved in the coup, is in the hands of the “Dina” while the Congress of infamy, with all the politicians involved in their own filth, prepares to continue dictating repressive laws and imagining some stratagem to free Fujimori, they take out of the galley a new call for elections where the same politicians as always will participate, the politicians to whom the street is shouting “they should all go away”. They will knead the cake and then eat it.

On the contrary, the dependence on the United States, whose ambassador gives instructions to the Boluarte and several of her ministers, continues to be strengthened. It is not a question of wasting time with false promises, it is time to fight inside Peru, with the tactics of popular uprising and civil disobedience, to free and reinstate Castillo in office and comply with what he ordered before being imprisoned: to dissolve the Congress and call for the Constituent Assembly. And at the international level to exercise concrete solidarity with those who are fighting, exposing those sellers of “colored mirrors” who are those who want new elections. By action or omission, they are accomplices of the Fujimori coup.

One more point if the coup government breaks off relations with Mexico because of the dignified solidarity shown by its Foreign Ministry, it would be good for the governments of the continent, or at least those that condemn the coup, to break off relations with Peru. An ambitious usurper of power cannot be allowed to drive a wedge to divide our Patria Grande.

Source: Telesur, translation Resumen Latinoamericano – US