Cuba: Permanent Target of U.S. Intelligence Community Interest

By Raúl Antonio Capote Fernández on January 12, 2023.

Watching over information security and denouncing Washington’s actions in this field has become a strategic issue for Cuba.Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents declassified by the U.S. Government reveal that this institution spied on the Cubana de Aviación Company in the 1960s. The evidence demonstrates the CIA’s meticulous monitoring of Cubana de Aviación flights to the island.

One of the files exposes how they even developed wiretapping operations against the Cuban Embassy in Mexico, and accessed the communications between the Cubana de Aviación office and the Air Control Office of the Mexican airport.

These actions allowed the U.S. secret services to know the lists of passengers entering and leaving Mexico by this route, as well as the contents of cargo flights, including the contents of travelers’ luggage, reports PL.

The fact that the CIA carried out a detailed follow-up of Cubana de Aviación flights bound for the archipelago was not an isolated action, since in that decade the Agency built in Florida the largest operations center in the western hemisphere against the island: the JM-Wave Station.

In January 1962, Operation Mongoose was launched, which included espionage, terrorism and subversion actions aimed at putting an end to the Revolution.

These actions covered the entire social, political, military and economic life of the Greater Antilles. They were carried out in the decade mentioned above, and continued after the defeat of Mongoose and the disappearance of JM-Wave, up to the present day.

We should not be surprised by the crudeness of this type of revelations. Cuba is a permanent target of interest of the Intelligence Community of that northern country. The entire arsenal of its agencies, including the CIA, has worked and continues to work hand in hand with its allies and front men to defeat the Cuban socialist project.

Not long ago, an investigation by the Colombian magazine Raya revealed an espionage program against the largest of the Antilles, by Colombian military intelligence agencies and with the interests of U.S. agents, called Espionaje Internacional: Objetivo Cuba (International Espionage: Objective Cuba), according to Razones de Cuba.

The publication revealed how Cuban diplomats and officials, leftist political leaders, journalists and social leaders were spied on.

In these times when what Edward Snowden defined as Permanent Surveillance Capitalism dominates, or what is the same, the massive surveillance of entire nations, and what Ignacio Ramonet baptized as The Surveillance Empire, watching over information security and denouncing Washington’s actions in this field become a strategic issue for Cuba.

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano – Buenos Aires