Cuba: The Election on March 26th

By Ramón Pedregal Casanova on March 21, 2023

better is possible

Cuban society, the Cuban people, has chosen its candidates and the mass organizations, trade unions, students, women, sports, cultural, … no one can be left out without their right to choose who they consider to be the best. In the process a representative candidacy of all social spaces is formed, and on that matrix the people elected for their honesty, their political capacity, their dedication, perform the following demonstration of popular power: to strengthen the advances, to collect and modify, to expose everything that must be changed. This is how the social transformation for which the Cuban people work daily and with which they defend themselves from the empire is manifested.

Those who opt for the representation of the people have the obligation to give explanations, to expose plans, deficiencies and achievements, the work and its results are in sight. They do not receive any special compensation for their political work, their commitment to Cuba is typical of people of great conscience, ethics and morals in defense of their own. They are priceless. They answer to the people without abandoning their other tasks.

They are voters from the age of 16, very young, yes, and the Revolution takes care in their academic growth of social knowledge and committed and solidary formation, it is integral, and at 16 they present commitments with the environment they live in, something that in the capitalist world is very rarely found in those of that age nor in the older ones. The Revolution, in the struggle against the daily Yankee aggression, has as one of its first mandates the formation of professionals, and together with this it promotes their development in society, to become more deeply human. Young people have before them the task of making a better country, they look to the future and the future calls them and tells them that they can do it, they know that Martí, Fidel, Che, and all the heroes, taught with their lives that … better is possible. Today Raul and Diaz Canel are the best known conveyors of that concept.

For the elections, having passed the rehearsals of the 14th and 18th with voluntary work, the public and collected deliberations will be intensified for the candidate to candidate work program, and resting or reflecting on the 25th will wait for the 26th, to show confidence in their own Revolution. The National Parliament of People’s Power emerged with candidates from all social spheres to have 55% of women, 20% of the candidacy is under 35 years old, and 45% are blacks and mulattos. Cuba in these days is an assembly that enriches itself and chooses its leadership with proposals to advance, allowing for correction and replacement.

What I am saying does not make me forget the US aggression that has not ceased for more than 60 years, and perhaps that is what brings to my memory some verses of the song by the group Buena Fe: What you do well will be silenced, what you do regularly will be manipulated, what you do badly will be amplified. Every step Cuba takes is silenced, manipulated or condemned, but Cuba does not allow itself to be manipulated and defends itself by deepening improvements in its internal life, it stands with the greatest will in the face of the blockade. A crime condemned by word of mouth by the whole world, condemned by International Law, qualified as genocide, then it will never be forgotten, and, in spite of everything, Cuba always accompanies its self-defense contributing to peace and internationalist solidarity. Beyond all the difficulties, the same revolutionary leadership says and strives to show that better is possible.

In Cuba everything is voluntary energy, and with the vote on the 26th the first line is reinforced. Cuba, the people who have endured and overcome the greatest difficulties have their day, March 26, to celebrate the victories against the covid, against the fires, against the criminal blockade they endure, despite the human losses… The Cuban people create popular power: democracy is the government of the people, and the people will bring to the National Assembly the most prepared and willing people to transform what must be transformed. With their vote, the first measure of the Cuban people is going to be to strengthen a greatness that illustrates it before the eyes of the world, its unity.

Source: Network in Defense of Humanity, translation Resumen Latinoamericano – US