Aleida Guevara Advocates Greater Support for the Palestinian Cause

May 29, 2023

Aleida Guevara, daughter of the eternal Argentinean-Cuban commander Ernesto Che Guevara, called on Monday in Lebanon for greater support for the cause of the Palestinian people.

In the context of her participation in the event of the ambassadors of the Palestinian return, the internationalist doctor questioned the silence of the world in the face of the crimes against humanity committed against the Palestinian population.

During her intervention in the morning session, she insisted on the need to achieve unity and coordinate actions in all latitudes and in different spaces to reach as many people as possible in order to defend the dignity and integrity of the Palestinians.

On the occasion,  Aleida hoped to work as part of an expressed  human bloc in pursuit of a common goal, the sovereignty, stability and development of the people.

In her opinion, Palestine requires the solidarity of all as Che asked, in the sense of living together with the people, sharing the daily reality and facing their own lives side by side.

How many images pass through our conscience when we speak of this people, how much abuse, how much injustice, how much impotence, he said.

Incidentally, Aleida Guevara spoke of the steadfastness and struggle of the Palestinians in more than seven decades of Israeli occupation. In her words, she defended a full-fledged Palestine as a free and sovereign people, where their children grow up with peace and joy.

The speech endorsed the right of self determination for a nation owning its lands and borders and in this line of thought signified the continuation of the struggle until victory is achieved.

The daughter of the heroic guerrilla Che Guevara together with other personalities from Bahrain, Spain, South Africa, Tunisia, India, Algeria and Lebanon will receive in Beirut the distinction of Ambassadors of the Palestinian cause with the aim of strengthening the defense of this people for their independence, sovereignty and freedom.

The event, organized by the Global Campaign for the Right of Return of the Palestinian People, was also attended by representatives from Chile, Australia, France, Indonesia, Jordan, Switzerland, Syria, Venezuela, Iran, Pakistan, Scotland, Kuwait, Argentina and Iraq.

The following is Aleida Guevara’s full speech at the act of solidarity with the Palestinian cause held in Beirut, the Lebanese capital.

Dear comrades.

Brothers and sisters.

For me it is very difficult to talk about Palestine in a calm way, the truth is that at this stage of life, it bothers me to talk about the Return of Palestine, when we should be talking about the development of Palestine, about the new projects for the construction of houses in its national territory, about plans for the enrichment of its soils to make them more fertile, about the projects of plans for the feeding of the Palestinian people, in short, we should be talking in the middle of Palestinian land.

How many years of confrontations, how many years of suffering, how many crimes against humanity committed against a people whose only crime was to be forced to share part of their territory with another people who had practically been wiped off the face of the earth and who gradually used their wealth and international influence to displace them.

I feel very sorry for the loss of memory of an entire people, who completely forgot the crimes committed against them for the simple fact of being Jews and that today they practice them with total impunity on their neighboring people.

Why do we still talk today about the return of Palestine, why have we not been able to support more this brotherly people, why the world seems to be deaf and blind to such a crime. What do we lack? Strength, we lack strength, and to reach that necessary strength we need unity, to coordinate actions in all latitudes, in all possible spaces, to reach the greatest possible number of people, to touch their feelings, if we are not capable of this, we will not be able to change the reality that day by day consumes the joy of a people, their dignity and their integrity.

The Peruvian poet César Vallejo said that there was a body that was dying, people were joining around it, but the body continued to die, until all humanity was by its side and it was only than that the body reacted and began to walk and that is what Palestine needs, that all of us are at its side and that is the solidarity that Che asked us, not that which was offered to a gladiator in the Roman circus, but to live with that people their daily reality and face side by side their own lives.

This is my greatest wish, that as a human bloc we work towards a common goal, the sovereignty, stability and development of the Palestinian people.

How many images pass through our conscience when we speak of this people, how many outrages, how many injustices, how much impotence? For all those who are not physically present, for the comrades unjustly imprisoned, for those who mourn their loved ones, but remain firm and standing up for the struggle, I commit myself.

For a Palestine in full capacity as a free and sovereign people, for a Palestine where its children grow with tranquility and joy, for Palestine as the owner of its lands and its borders, for that Palestine we will fight until victory and we will win.

Source: Al Mayadeen, translation Resumen Latinoamericano – US