Embracing the Struggle of the Palestinian People on the Anniversary of Naqba

May 16, 2023

San Francisco, photo: Bill Hackwell

Demonstrations around the globe were held these past few days in solidarity with the courageous Palestinian people on the 75th anniversary of Naqba, or the catastrophe of 1948. The result of the Zionist ethnic cleansing meant the death or displacement of over 750,000 Palestinians.

In the Americas every major city commemorated the date with events that condemned the Zionist state of Israel that has the full backing of the US; financially, politically and militarily. Every year receives nearly $4 billion to ensure its role as the imperialist outpost against the Arab world. Despite this scenario the Palestinians never give up and are an inspiration to those fighting for justice and sovereignty.

In Buenos Aires thousands of Argentine men and women, with Palestinian flags, banners denouncing Israeli crimes, including photos alluding to the escalation of attacks against the Palestinian people, marched to the Israeli Embassy.

Buenos Aires, photo: Maria Torrellas

The political-cultural event convened by the Argentine Committee of Solidarity with the Palestinian People was chaired by Nora Cortiñas, Mother of Plaza de Mayo-Founding Line and by Tilda Rabi, of the Federation of Argentine-Palestinian Entities. The activity included poems spoken with emotion by the actor Juan Astorga and María Torrellas of the Che-Adelita Cultural Front, Oscar Ruiz de Huidobro and Leonardo Herrmann, of FIEL and a allegorical sculpture to the Zionist crimes by Isaac Benapress, of the Kultural Movement.

Activities in condemning the Naqba anniversary on May 14 and Palestinian resistance also took place in many major cities in the US including San Francisco where several hundred Palestinians and their supporters marched through the Mission District chanting their anger and determination and that Palestine will win and be free. Groups participating included the Palestinian Youth Movement, Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC), Al-Awada, Answer Coalition, Workers World Party and Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Sources: Resumen Latinoamericano in Buenos Aires and in the US