Go Away Yankee, Nobody Wants You!

By Ramón Pedregal Casanova on May 23, 2023

The U.S. elite has been weaving since its state created the trap with which to drag Cuba into its account. But Cuba is not a fish even if it is in the water, it is a territory free of imperialism, like Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia, … gateways to what is already becoming the vision of the free future of the Southern Continent. How many open doors are there in other continents! How many have cut the nails and the beak of the imperial eagle! The bird has locked itself up in Guantanamo, a laboratory base where it practices terror (we also knew about Abu Graib and we know about the prison of Belmash, where Julian Assange is tortured, remember that 12 years ago he denounced the crimes committed in Iraq: the Guantanamo prison-base speaks).

The U.S. elite wants their terrorist practice to be one of their rules to dominate the world, what morals do they manifest? The people of Cuba know that the Guantanamo base supported the tyranny headed by the scavenger Batista until its last minute, and it is well known the support given from there by the gringos to the dictatorships in the Caribbean.

The fact that the empire is grabbing that space of Cuban land, after having denied it to the Revolution, shows its invasive eagerness and its eagerness to steal, as if for the slightest good intention in its dealings!

A quick review so as not to forget: There is historical record, beginning in 1805 when the Yankee President Jefferson with the head of the imperial eagle, was puffing up theorizing about the “policy of the ripe fruit” (he was talking about Cuba being the ripe fruit that will fall into gringo hands) and there was dressed in the garb of Monroe, (famous for his cocky phrase “America for the “Americans”, which his parrot general of the Southern Command repeats to this day), interfered in the Cuban liberation struggle against the Spanish empire by using the blowing up of its ship “Maine” to justify his intervention. All foreseen, it remains for us to say that the actions of the racist and xenophobic Yankee leadership, hatred and contempt for the people of Cuba, that continues today, is what was manifested in their letter known as ” Breckenridge Memorandum “, before the “Maine”, on December 24, 1897, in which they articulated the purpose of eliminating the Cuban population and replacing it with their own colonists.

Already in 1898, having carried out their self-attack, they would proceed to the military invasion. Already without the obstacle of the Spanish army, defeated to a great extent by the struggle of the Cuban army, they took another step in the signing of the Paris Peace Treaty, where they did not allow their intentions to be recorded or signed. In whose hands Cuba would be left: invading troops, bankers, large landowners, thieving businessmen, all which made up and still makes up the body of the imperial eagle. And in 1901 they imposed on Cuba in the Constitutional Charter the “Platt Amendment”, in it they made the establishment of the Guantanamo base appear. Go away Yankee, no one wants you!

Source: Network in Defense of Humanity – Cuba, translation Resumen Latinoamericano – English