So They Are Bothered by Freedom?

Network in Defense of Humanity on May 18, 2023 from Havana

Buena Fe

So they are bothered by freedom? Let’s suppose for a second that the hate speech towards Cuba, and now in particular against our musical duo Buena Fe, in the social networks and capitalist media has not captured all your listening and thinking capacity; well, if so, just to begin with let’s listen for a few minutes to songs like: “La Zanja”, “Patakí de libertad”, “El duende del bache”, “La Tempestad” and “Morada”. It is a matter of stopping for a few seconds to observe what their lyrics say, how many Cubans enjoy Buena Fé’s concerts, their lyrics full of realities and ways to work on those realities. Let’s think about how many people from other countries in the world they have managed to mobilize with their music and words for solidarity with Cuba. Let’s analyze how much they form in action and not in empty speeches, nor in lyrics for big concerts that only hope to profit with banal messages.

The Network in Defense of Humanity (REDH), from Cuba, joins the multiple denunciations against the violent and discrediting campaigns unleashed against Buena Fé with greater force these days of May during their current artistic tour in Spain.

These are violent actions against Cuba, its culture, its youth, against the people who work day after day for their sisters and brothers. It is an attack on our history, identity and revolutionary mystique. Their “popular” music deserves respect; we reaffirm that it is popular because it is music with, by and for the people, who see themselves reflected in it and who can access their concerts for free or at minimal cost.

Buena Fé is Cuba

Source: Cuban Chapter of the Network in Defense of Humanity (REDH-Cuba), translation Resumen Latinoamericano -US