Mariela Castro: “Palestine Is and Will always be Arab Land”

By Mariela Castro on October 30, 2023

image: Al Mayadeen

In less than one month, the bombardments of the Israeli army on the defenseless population of Gaza have caused more than 8,000 deaths, more than 20,000 wounded — and most of them are girls, children, teenagers, women, some of them pregnant and elderly.

They have destroyed hospitals, schools, homes and religious centers, with the conviction that the only good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian.  How much cruelty and cynicism characterize the Zionist regime of Israel?  Under the pretext of punishing the Palestinian resistance, they murder mothers and their children.

The anti-Semitism against Palestine perpetrated by the terrorist state of Israel responds only to the economic and geopolitical interests of imperialist domination, led by the U.S. with the cowardly and unacceptable support of the European Union.

In times of so much pain, I stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and join the worldwide call for the immediate cessation of the genocide in Gaza.

I join all voices speaking out against the colonial usurpation of the Palestinian territories and the cruel and merciless persecution of their citizens.

It is time to call for the release of all Palestinian prisoners in order to guarantee the freedom of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers.

I also stand in solidarity with people of the Jewish faith, who confront Zionism with dignity and courage throughout the world.  I join those who condemn violations of international law by the State of Israel, and cry out: “Not in our name” or “Palestine: From the river to the sea.”

In these terrible days of genocide in Gaza, I have been moved to hear the tender sound of the word “habibi” (love) amid the sobs of children as they kiss their loved ones for the last time, alongside the heartbreaking scenes of mothers, fathers, siblings, health workers weeping in despair for the innocent lives torn away by Zionist barbarism.

Humanity feels an incurable pain and an indignation that is hurting every day.

The Zionist dictatorship of the terrorist State of Israel will not be forgiven by God or humanity.  The people will never forget the cowardice of the leaders who opposed the cessation of the genocide in Gaza when it was approved by a resolution at the United Nations.

Palestine is and will always be an Arab land, together with its original Christians and Jews.  Its martyrs will rise from the ashes to continue fighting for the full sovereignty of Palestine and for world peace.

I ask that every day we dedicate a minute of silence for the victims of Gaza, for the martyrs of Zionism and the excesses of imperialism.

I invite all women to unite their voices for peace in Palestine.  The world is with Palestine.  Humanity wants peace.

Whoever stands up today with Palestine, stands up for all times.

Palestine will win!

Source: Al Mayadeen by way of  Cuba en Resumen, translation Ed Newman