A Human Tidal Wave for Palestine in the Streets of the US Capital

By Deisy Francis Mexidor on November 5, 2023 in Washington DC

photo: Adrian A.

A huge gathering of people converged in Washington DC yesterday to send a strong message to the US government that they stand with the people of Palestine. Organizers reported that over 300,000 people came from all over the country.

The march was the largest in the history of the United States in support of Palestine and was the culmination of weeks of protests in cities across the country with a clear indication that the Biden administration does not represent the sentiments of the people when it comes to Palestine.

Freedom Plaza, photo: Deisy Francis Mexidor

People made great efforts to come from all over this expansive country to join DC residents at Freedom Plaza to express their rejection of the Israeli war of genocide in Gaza which could not happen without the military and financial support of the US government. All of which comes from funds that are badly need for infrastructure projects and social programs for the millions of poor people existing here in the richest country in the world.

There were some who recalled that they could feel a new energy which was reminiscent of the anti-war movement during the Vietnam War.

Outraged by the crime committed by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories in the face of the passivity of the world and the silence of the hegemonic media, which hardly dedicates any space to these protests, there can be no doubt that a huge community is building around the condemnation.

Men, women, youth, seniors, children, groups and individuals joined the chorus of voices that on Saturday afternoon expressed loudly the feelings of an important segment of the population of this country.

“We do not want the murder of women and children, nor the colonization of the Palestinian. We are witnessing the total disregard for life with these genocidal crimes of Israel, it is something completely inhumane, “ said Morgan Henderson, who lives in the capital, to Prensa Latina.

For her part, Sapphire Ahmed, from New York, said she attended the rally because it is paradoxical that “we don’t have medical care, we don’t have enough money for housing or for our children, or for higher education; however, millions of dollars go to Zionist Israel”.

The massive demonstration descended like a torrent through the different arteries of the city converging onto Pennsylvania not far from the White House.

Among flags, slogans and expressions of rejection of the genocide, there were also some reminders to President Joe Biden that they will remember the role that his administration played leading up to his re election campaign in 2024.

The protest was a culmination of other significant recent protests against war including Jewish peace groups who occupied the congressional office building on Capitol Hill demanding a ceasefire in Gaza, and other actions were also reported in different metropolitan areas of the country over the last few days.

In addition, members of the CodePink organization interrupted Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s speech several times as he attempted to justify the request for millions of dollars in funding for the wars in Israel and Ukraine before the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Michigan Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib, the only member of the U.S. Congress of Palestinian origin, has accused Biden of supporting genocide in Palestine.

Tlaib warned that Americans will remember when the current occupant of the executive mansion is up for re-election next year how he responded to the war between Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

In a video posted on X, Tlaib urged Biden to call for a cease-fire in the conflict, something he and his administration has rejected to stay in line with Israel.

“Sir. President, the American people are not with you on this one,” Tlaib stated in the video, adding, “We will remember you in 2024.” For some analysts, Biden’s ironclad backing of the Zionist regime could prove a stumbling block on his path to a second term in the context of his shaky approval rating on a number of issues, including inflation and violence.

50,000 demonstrate for Gaza in San Francisco. photo: Bill Hackwell

At this point Biden’s unpopularity at 57 percent and  there are grim predictions of an eventual tie between the Democrat and Republican Donald Trump, despite his whole mountain of legal troubles.

The show of support for Palestine in the United States, that included a coinciding march and rally of over 50,000 people in San Francisco, was part of the world day of support for the cause of that people, held in Chile, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil and Argentina, among other countries.

“This massive turnout is a resounding rejection of the policies of the Biden administration, which is shamefully taking part in Israel’s genocide in Gaza. Without the support of the US government, Israel’s terrible crimes would not be possible,” said ANSWER Coalition Executive Director Brian Becker.

Source: Cuba en Resumen