Global State Terrorism and the Scorched Earth of Palestine

By Stella Calloni on November 2, 2023

Gaza today

There is no argument that justifies what Israel is doing in Palestine, and even less so when the application of Israeli state terrorism did not begin last October 7, but has been going on for 75 years, aggravated in the 60s, so no one who claims compliance with international rights and norms or respect for human rights, demanding a ceasefire to Israel has to do it defensively.

The recent offensive launched by the political-military organization Hamas, among others arising from the resistance of the Palestinian people, subjected to permanent terrorist actions by the Israeli State throughout the middle of the last century and so far this one, took place at a time of increasing progress in the dispossession that meant the permanent installation of new settlements, forcibly forcing Palestinian families to leave their lands in violation of all international regulations.

This attitude of permanently exercising violence against the Palestinian population that was already in conditions of survival revealed the impunity with which the fundamentalist and colonialist governments of Israel subjected to terror the Palestinian people expelled from their homes by the impiety of the colonizers and jailers.

It is also terrorism that two million 200 thousand Palestinians – half of them children and young people – remain living on a piece of land cornered between the sea and an immense Israeli wall, considered the largest open-air prison in the world.

Now they have been condemned directly to extermination, with terrifying clarity in the language of the person most responsible for this decision.

Is it possible that there is no strong international reaction to the most recent speech of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, calling for “a holy war of annihilation” against the Palestinian people while bombing the last small territory of what is left of Palestine plundered during all these years by the successive governments of the Israeli state?

Netanyahu, considered even by a good part of the population of Israel, as a fundamentalist, racist supremacist publicly and openly orders the extermination of the Palestinian people with terrifying precision in his message.

“Appealing to Amalek, a nation in the Hebrew Bible that the Israelites were ordered to eliminate in an act of revenge. You must remember what the Amalekites did to you, according to our sacred Bible. Now go and smite them and destroy absolutely everything they have and do not spare them, but kill them, both men and women, infants and nursing infants, oxen and sheep, camels and donkeys, stated Netanyahu, quoting Samuel 15:3, when announcing a new phase in the offensive in the Gaza Strip” (La Jornada October 30 Mexico).

For the Prime Minister of Israel, denounced by a sector of the Israeli people, who carried out large mobilizations in the face of the totalitarian decision of this official to impose a judicial reform, which the majority rejected, in addition to evading charges of corruption and abuse of power, these actions by Hamas were seen as a great opportunity to silence all the voices inside and outside the country that were demanding his dismissal.


In the midst of a whirlwind no one could clearly establish what the scope of the “offensive” of the Hamas armed brigades was. At no time was it established or seen where the “massacre” took place, nor were the victims of the “massacre” seen. The “massacre” is known by a story without pictures, which is impossible to believe in a country that has one of the most perfected and sinister security and intelligence agencies.

This has led to questioning that story and all the stages of the Hamas “offensive” are already being investigated, leaving doubts about its results, especially because Netanyahu moved his pieces so quickly as if everything had been prepared, to give the “final touch” to the Palestinian issue.

These doubts are compounded after the failed attempts to show a video, which “someone” had recorded of children whose throats were allegedly slit by Hamas, a terror piece if ever there was one. More than a week and a half had already passed when this attempt was made to justify what was to come, but although it could not be sustained it allowed to move towards the occupation of Gaza and produce an ethnic cleansing until nothing was left standing, an old and repeated plan of Israeli fundamentalism.

Behind it lined up a number of similar attempts to present fake videos of attacks as happened during the last colonial wars of this 21st century. The world was terrorized with images of alleged footage delivered by terrorists showing “Muslim savages” slitting the throats of alleged British or European hostages, until it finally emerged that the “executioners” were not even Arabs, nor were the executed “foreign” journalists or military personnel.

They were officers of the special forces, or mercenaries in their charge, of the countries that make up the North Atlantic Organization (NATO) created in 1949, supposedly to guard the borders of Europe.  Now the gendarmes of the “Western” world are special forces, criminal in all their actions.

The horrors and human rights violations committed by NATO mercenaries have yet to be shown to the world. We have already forgotten the Iraqi prisons where the officers and soldiers of the invading forces recorded the tortures to which men, women and children, victims of the invading troops, were subjected,

The impunity with which they have committed and continue to commit war crimes, genocides where thousands and millions of people have been killed in atrocious ways by the invaders and the occupying troops of those who kill in the name of Western “democracy” or for “humanitarian reasons”…

Will we continue to allow terrorist states such as the United States, Israel, Britain, and others to continue killing millions of innocent people around the world?

Will we continue to allow the aberrant crimes committed by the state of Israel, hiding behind the victims of the Nazi holocaust in World War II?

An example is the Guantanamo prison, in the military base that maintains the “humanism” of the United States in the illegally occupied territory of Cuba, converted into a laboratory of torture experiments, which have also appeared on television. Can it continue to exist under these circumstances?

We continue to forget the secret prisons of civilized Europe, the horror among horrors and now must we remain silent in the face of one of the great crimes against humanity being committed by Israel in Gaza and allow this to happen? In these last hours of November 2, Israel has dropped tons of explosives in its daily bombardment equivalent to two atomic bombs.

Will we continue to accept the media censorship that imperialism has imposed on us in the case of Russia-Ukraine and now Israel and what is left of Palestine?

These are the questions in the face of the intensity of what is happening in the Gaza Strip, which takes us to the memory of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when the United States, dropped between August 6 and 9, 1945, on practically surrendered Japan, two atomic bombs against those two unarmed populations to “test” their effects, leaving about 300 thousand victims, who died in an atrocious way, but also the radioactive effects continued and have forever marked the lives of millions of human beings. From that moment on, the governments of the United States have applied rampant terrorism worldwide.

Saving the current circumstances and situations is what Israel and the United States are doing today in Gaza, on whose population they have tested the latest generation weapons and others such as white phosphorus, as the heroic doctors who work without supplies in Gaza have warned, trying to save lives, in the midst of a humanitarian disaster rarely seen live and direct. If we allow a people to be exterminated under Netanyahu’s mandate, if we allow more children to die in a few hours than in the various conflicts in the world, what can be the destiny of our countries?

Nov. 4, San Francisco, photo: Bill Hackwell

Where is the defense of humanity and what do we leave as a future for millions of young people and children?

Our governments must prepare themselves for the alert that means – in another horror story – that the dangers of attacks in our countries where there are Jewish communities are mentioned. This means that -as has been happening for years- that new false flag attacks may take place, to which we are so accustomed to in the United States and Israel, not forgetting Great Britain and other countries. For this reason, the people in the streets all over the world are demanding justice for the Palestinian people and are today a light of hope among so many shadows, cowardice and complicity that degrade humanity.

Source: Network in Defense of Humanity, translation Resumen Latinoamericano – English