Argentina: Milei’s Blitzkrieg and the Unconstitutional Plan

By Maria Fernanda de la Quintana on January 23, 2024.

The rush to violate the Argentine Constitution and constitutional guarantees is part of a deliberately executed plan to carry out the biggest plundering of resources transfer while implementing a model of famine.

Article 29 clearly states; “The Congress may not grant the national Executive, nor the provincial Legislatures to the provincial governors, extraordinary powers, nor the sum of public power, nor grant them submissions or supremacy by which the life, honor or fortunes of the Argentine people are at the mercy of any government or person. Acts of this nature carry with them an irrevocable nullity, and will subject those who formulate, consent or sign them, to the responsibility and penalty of the infamous traitors to the homeland”.

Milei’s plan and his fascination for the Yankee capitalism model, resembles the one implemented by Martínez de Hoz when he was minister of the economy during the dictatorship.

The purpose of auctioning off the social programs and annihilating social justice, provokes a mobilization at all levels. Wherever an offensive originates, a conflict is born, and the resistance generated by hunger, disrupts the totally unfounded idea of national subjugation.

The functionality of the State was deployed in Argentina with the “Welfare State” during Peronism, when progress was made in the socialization of medicine (Carrillo Plan). There were improvements in the care of the most vulnerable sectors, in areas such as education and housing, responsibility and commitment to the dispossessed was the main objective of a present state.

The Revolución Libertadora and subsequent governments forged a path to tear apart and put an end to it.

To say that the origin of the decadence and social conflicts is due to the state interventionism carried out from the 1930s onwards is part of the discourse of the last dictatorship in our country.

In their anti-state epic, what they seek is to dismantle the state, devalue it and turn it into an instrument of the market that functions as a guarantor of the dominant order.

In view of the whole world, in Davos the current president gave an anachronistic speech, where he harangued wildly that “the world is going through its best moment…” a world where millions are discarded due to economic precariousness, climate threat, and territorial exclusion.

Unless the schemes based on the brutal exploitation and transfer of resources are changed, poverty and inequality will increase. The proposed economic measures respond to capitalist maxims, greater social inequality, concentration of wealth in small groups, surrender of natural resources and control of territory through security forces.

The urgent aspirations of liberalization, predict a high level of conflict where the country is evolving rapidly towards the abandonment of legality to become a de facto government with a constitutional mask.

The dissolution of historically conquered rights, responds to a plan based on the global strategy of “preventive war”, which builds or empowers enemies, whose offensive will be the justification of the necessary transformations in the legal and political sphere to have the country under control.

Milei’s blitzkrieg tries to impose its purposes based on the shock doctrine, provoking an artificial hyperinflation and generalized unemployment, terror among the beneficiaries of plans with respect to losing them, and among those who protest against the threatening repression, harming hundreds of sectors, public employees, doctors, pharmacists, architects, small businesses, etc.

The prognosis regarding the possibilities of his policies prevailing is not good, first of all because of the long tradition of resistance of the Argentine people.

The tactic of the most needy, faced with the threat of seeing their meager incomes liquefied, will be to remain mobilized to force the libertarians to stop the onslaught. This will rapidly converge into a resistance movement, initially economic and defensive.

Milei’s is a plan to apply to a defeated people and the resistance movement is intact, this is just beginning.

In March, it will become political against the decretazo and the omnibus law, in defense of wages, employment and the constitution.

This model is not viable due to its own contradictions and internal limitations. The stabilization plan they are executing is more recession with inflation, it is the ultra-right economic model. The economic fall that comes in a long spiral, seems to have no ceiling, except the one emanating from the popular brake.

These measures, typical of dictatorial regimes, such as the Omnibus Law, which requires extraordinary delegations for the entire government, directly attack the people because of their unconstitutional, recessive and regressive character.

The unions have already confirmed a strike and mobilization for tomorrow.

The limit will be set by the people, it will be our capacity of resistance in the streets, who will stop the adjustment.

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano – Buenos Aires