Managers of Chaos and Misery Spread their Nets throughout Latin America

By Raul Capote Fernandez on February 9, 2024

Gen. Richardson, photo: Mark Wilson / AFP

A little over a year ago, in January 2023, the head of the U.S. Southern Command, General Laura Richardson, with total disarmament mentioned, in a conversation held at the Atlantic Council think tank, why Washington really cares about Latin America.

Let’s recall her words: “60% of the world’s lithium is in the lithium triangle: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile”.

“Venezuela’s resources too, with oil, copper, gold”, she continued, highlighting, in addition, the importance of the Amazon, “the lungs of the world”.

The U.S. has “a lot to do…this region matters…It has a lot to do with national security and we have to start our game,” she pointed out.

The threads of the plot began to be woven at full speed, the power of the northern hegemon was facing great dangers, the advance of China in the continent, Russia’s increasingly close relations with a region they consider their “backyard” were intolerable.

I must clarify that the managers of chaos had already been working with great enthusiasm for years, let us remember the coup against Evo in Bolivia and the impeachment and imprisonment of Castillo in Peru; they hurried their actions in view of the possible defeat in Ukraine and the Middle East.

To generate chaos using their best tools in the Continent, on the one hand, the NGOs, at the service of the Empire, work at full speed, dividing, buying, compromising, distorting, above all, the sense of the struggle of important social sectors and groups in the future of the region.

On the other hand, criminal groups, drug trafficking mafias, effective and proven instruments of destabilization, do their work, while the corporate media adds “salt to the wound” with a narrative of defeat, tragedy and inability of the States to face the scourge.

Ecuador has been victimized in the disastrous plot, the country was transformed into an irregular battleground for criminal groups, without fear of error, it could be said that it all began with a dollarization, which, among many other things, facilitates the laundering and trafficking of foreign currency, besides turning the country into a kind of hostage of a foreign currency.

Now there she is in Quito, the Yankee General, with her proposed national security plan for five years, there are the U.S. troops, something that would have been impossible to achieve without generating continental protest and popular resistance. Without the chaos and ungovernability built, they would not have been able to do it.

A simple analysis of what is happening today in the region, shows the advance of drug cartels everywhere, criminal groups act in the vast majority of Latin American countries, with a force never seen before.

Not by chance, since November 2023, Richardson has been touring the continent, Panama, Ecuador, Uruguay, among many other countries, have had “the honor” of receiving the visit and advice of the Southern Command, on behalf of Washington’s Democracy.

There is still much to be done by the people of Latin American to curb the desire for domination of the filibusters of the 21st century, the same pirates of previous centuries who, in the name of freedom, plagued Our America with misery.

Source: Cuba en Resumen