The Network of Interference against Cuba that Goes from the United States to Spain, Passing through Mexico

By Katu Arkonada on February 21, 2024

Katu Arkonada

Following the latest investigations on the network that operates against the Cuban Revolution in different parts of the world, but always under the cover and financing of the United States, we have to write a new chapter of the interference against Cuba using the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF).

The CANF is actively working with organizations in Spain with the objective of organizing subversive courses abroad for counterrevolutionaries living in Cuba. The objective is, in parallel to the tightening of the blockade, and taking advantage of the complex economic situation the island is going through, to carry out subversive actions from inside Cuba, following the manuals of non-conventional warfare or soft coup, such as those that have occurred in recent years.

With that purpose, although he has made an effort to hide it, last January 24, Omar López Montenegro, an old CIA employee and director of the CANF, protector of the (now deceased) terrorists Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch, responsible for blowing up a Cubana airliner with 73 people on board in October 1976, visited Spain.

In Spain, Omar Lopez Montenegro was received by counterrevolutionary ringleader Elena Larrinaga de Luis, who for years has acted as a made in the USA political operator, supported by her close relations with the US Embassy in Madrid.

In June of last year, Larrinaga de Luis became the first woman to hold office in the Christian Democratic Party (PDC), a “Cuban” party but founded in Miami in 1991, in addition to already being president of the Cuban Women’s Network (RFC) and secretary of International Relations of the so-called Council for the Democratic Transition of Cuba (CTDC), all of them organizations financed and sustained with funding from the US NED and USAID.

The pretext used by López Montenegro to mask his visit to Madrid was to present his book “Strategic Nonviolent Struggle. 100 practical tips”.

López Montenegro began his counterrevolutionary career with a trip to Poland in 2006, where he met with former anti-communist President Lech Walesa, an active promoter of actions against Cuba, receiving training in the “Manual of Nonviolent Struggle”. Montenegro currently chairs the Latin American Center for Nonviolence, based, paradoxically (or not), in the United States. This center, which can be anything but Latin American, received from the NED 48,597 dollars in 2020 and 73,600 dollars in 2021, according to documents to which we have been able to have access. It is necessary to remember the words of the first president of the NED, Allen Weistein, who pointed out that “much of what we do was already being done 25 years ago by the CIA in a covert manner”.

But according to sources in Washington to which I have had access, the real purpose of Lopez Montenegro’s trip to Spain was revealed to his superiors upon his return to Miami. The CANF executive met in Madrid with Larrinaga de Luis, in a meeting in which Frisia Batista, Ernesto Gutiérrez Tamargo and Eugenia Gutiérrez also participated, and where López Montenegro explained to those present that the objective of the CANF, with Washington’s support (he also assured that he had the support of Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS), was to immediately promote on-site training courses for Cuban counterrevolutionaries. These courses will be held in countries such as the United States, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and Peru.

López Montenegro and the FNCA have the analysis that the current Cuban economic and social crisis are the breeding ground to promote actions that lead to new protests such as those that have occurred since 2019, detonating the destabilization and ungovernability of the country. With that objective, the FNCA executive proposed to the PDC president to begin training her closest circle on the island: Zuleidis Pérez Velázquez, Dunia Media Marrero and Leticia Ramos Herrera.

During her stay in Madrid, López Montenegro also met with members of the Venezuelan opposition and with Czech diplomats, the latter in charge of advising Cuban and Venezuelan counterrevolutionaries in an alleged defense of Human Rights, diplomats who have been promoting the figure of one of the most strident and violent Cuban dissidents, Yunior García Aguilera.

The Mexican connection

But we have also followed the steps of López Montenegro in Mexico, where according to what he himself informed his superiors, he met with the former Senator of the ultra-right National Action Party (PAN), known for her relationship with Almagro, and promoter of actions against Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, being part of provocations to the Embassy that the Cuban Revolution has in Mexico City.

Mariana Gómez del Campo is the current president of the right-wing Christian Democratic Organization of America (ODCA), of which the PDC of Elena Larrinaga de Luis and the Cuban Democratic Directorate (DDC) headed by the terrorist Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat, currently wanted by the authorities for being involved in violent activities in Cuba, are part of. The DDC is by far the counterrevolutionary organization that receives the most money from Washington.

According to Omar Lopez Montenegro, PAN member Mariana Gomez del Campo gave the green light for the training of Cuban counterrevolutionaries in Mexico.

All of the above (sufficiently documented although my sources prefer anonymity) serves to reveal a whole international plot, financed by the satellite organizations of the State Department (when not by the CIA itself) against the Cuban Revolution, whose only sin has been to try to build (with its virtues and its defects), an alternative socialist model to the predatory capitalist model, also practicing an infinite solidarity with all the peoples in struggle in the world, to, as Fidel said, settle its own debt with humanity.

That is why, from this trench of ideas, in good times and in bad, we will continue to fight and defend the Cuban Revolution against all the enemies that try to annihilate it.

Source: El Ciudadano, translation Resumen Latinoamericano – English