Worldwide Defense of the People of Gaza

By Ramón Pedregal Casanova on February 6, 2024

photo: Bill Hackwell

The attack on the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) was prepared for when the International Court of Justice announced their decision. The Zionazis knew that they were going to be condemned based on the facts, there were not going to be opinions or particular interpretations, only facts, and so it was. That is why the order given by the Mossad was immediately followed by the USA, England, Canada, and some others at the beginning, and then the others joined in, up to 18 governments that collaborated with the Zionist genocide. But what do the 18 rulers stretching out their arms “a la Romana” mean against the 174 of the rest of the world that have not obeyed Zionism?

It means that the absolute majority of the world does not believe the lies of the colonial entity. In addition to their verbiage, they have not been able to show any proof that there were a dozen members of UNRWA who were from Hamas (out of over 30,000 employees). At this point we must add the following, Hamas is the legally constituted government of Gaza after an election that it won cleanly and with international recognition, and it did so with 73% of the votes, and as a government it has a relationship with the UN through UNRWA, meaning that the accusations of the colonial establishment are also against the UN and therefore against all the countries that refuse to approve its genocide. What happened after the election victory of Hamas is what should be pointed out, the Zionazis with the support of their sponsors blockaded by sea, land and air the Gaza Strip with the intention of implementing the genocide that has now been denounced before the International Court of Justice. In those days the Zionazi rulers boastfully declared that they were going to “thin out the gazaties”, and now they want to take for granted the murder of the 2,300,000 in every possible way, including through starvation, thirst and disease.

The fact that the vast majority of the governments of the world and their peoples are against it means that they are a failure, that in history, however much they distort it, they remain genocidal. Now, we must remember that all their maneuvers are part of the same plan, of the same Zionist project, to make the Palestinian people disappear, occupy the country and continue the war of conquest throughout the region and, along with it, to deform the minds of the remaining human beings of the world by introducing supremacism, racism, ethnocide and genocide -as they do in their schools and their social system.

Now let’s make a note about the data they hide and have come to light referring to their actions since October 7, which confirms their “goebbelian” essence, because they believe that by repeating the lie over and over they can pass themselves off as whatever suits them best and nobody will remember later, as the criminal Netanyahu has declared, as can be heard in a video that can be seen on the Internet. The Zionazis are wrong, their History is that of a murderous group that manifested itself clearly and publicly in 1948 after declaring itself the owner of more than half of Palestine. You know the History of Al Nakba.

The latest disgusting example is that it is being shown that the claims of casualties that the “Israel Social Security Administration” has spoken of with horrific stories do not square with what has been stated by the rescue workers and members of the colonial army, as they do not reflect deaths. The army itself has declared that they cannot even confirm some of the statements made in the document. However, the propaganda in Zionazi and collaborationist hands continues to insist in a thousand ways to present the Palestinian people and in particular the inhabitants of Gaza as “irrecoverable”.

An investigative team called has put together a document on 12 different allegations in addition to finding variations and flaws in others, information that the New York Times has taken to investigate on the following cases: There were no babies hung on clotheslines. There were no babies decapitated or put in ovens, no pregnant women with their stomachs cut open. There were no rapes, and the woman who was reported in the NYT as having been raped was later denied by herself and her family. The atrocity stories told by “witnesses” have been dismantled and proven false, as have the alleged “witnesses”. What has been proven to be true is that the colonial army assassinated from “Apache” helicopters and drones the settlers who took refuge in their homes, and on the same October 7, the colonial and Zionazi army officials issued the “Hannibal Directive”, which has been confirmed by the Zionist newspaper YBET, a “Directive” that gave the order to kill those who could be hostages of the Palestinian Resistance. Witnesses have testified that they did so. YNET, the Zionazi newspaper, confirms an attack by the colonial occupation army against a caravan of 70 vehicles driven by the Palestinian Resistance. It is not known how many were killed. In the colonial settlement of Be’eri they killed 13 of their own by firing from tanks at the house where they were staying, as they did with another 200 houses where the settlers were sheltering.

The general who led the attack was hailed as a hero” even by the NYT, although now that it is known that it was done with the “Hannibal Directive”, and the families of those killed are demanding an investigation.

The Zionazi lie is the basis to cover up their atrocities, misrepresent them and victimize themselves, thus they placed videos on Zionist TV channels with texts talking about the mentioned crimes, the purpose is to cause horror and blind the viewers with hatred. All these lies, following the history of the “Israeli” colonial establishment, serve to present themselves as shrouded in pain and tears, as victims and innocent, and thereby justify their genocide.

Those who stand behind them, those 18 rulers of countries who obey Zionism so that the Palestinians die of hunger, thirst and disease, are confronted with the remaining 174 countries of the world, which refuse to support the Zionazi genocide. They are accomplices of genocide, and will be condemned by the International Court of Justice, before which many other countries are denouncing, headed by Nicaragua, and followed by lawyers’ organizations around the world.

Ramón Pedregal Casanova is the author of books on Gaza President of AMANE. Member of the European Association in Support of Palestinian Detainees. He is an Internationalist and member of Network in Defense of Humanity (REDH) and the Network of Artists, Intellectuals and Communicators in Solidarity with Nicaragua and the FSLN.

Source: Network in Defense of Humanity (REDH) translation, Resumen Latinoamericano – English