The Anti-Cuban Mafia Speak Out against Petro

By Randy Alonso Falcón on May 7, 2024

Congressional representatives of the Miami anti Cuban mafia; Marco Rubio, Mario Díaz Balart, Carlos Giménez and María Elvira Salazar

Where the worst causes are, there they will be. Marco Rubio, Mario Diaz Balart, Carlos Gimenez and Maria Elvira Salazar will  quickly sign up for any list of political churre that comes along.

Abhorrent defenders and enthusiasts of the Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people, genocidal themselves against the Cuban people, they now are lining up against Colombian President Gustavo Petro for his decision to break diplomatic relations with Israel.

Tyrant, anti-Semite, terrorist sympathizer are some of the invective launched in a hail fire against the Colombian leader by the US congressional representatives.

The first to speak out was Senator Marco Rubio, who assured that Petro’s decision is reprehensible: “It is very sad to see that such an incredible country, of people who have suffered so much at the hands of narco-terrorists, is currently governed by a terrorist sympathizer who wants to be the Colombian version of Hugo Chavez”, he said.

María Elvira Salazar ( who was Luis Posada Carriles’ favorite interviewer), who has repeatedly referred to Petro in her statements to the media and in the networks, said in X that several times she has warned about Petro’s “dangerous attitude towards the Jews”.

“Now he will break relations with Israel, allying himself with the tyrannies of Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua” wrote the congresswoman, finishing by stating that Petro is similar to “every Marxist”, who “diverts attention from his disastrous government, to feed anti-Semitism”.

For Republican Carlos Giménez, whose electoral advertising pieces claims that the Biden administration is socialist, now says Petro has shown that he has more things in common with Nicolás Maduro than with the United States.

“Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and the USA’s strongest ally in the region. From the federal Congress, we denounce his pathetic decision,” he commented.

Mario Diaz Balart, who did not want to be left behind, tried to denigrate the president of Colombia for his past as a guerrilla of the M-19. “Petro announced that Colombia will break diplomatic relations with Israel because Israel has a “genocidal president.” Ironic coming from a person who spent ten years as a member of Colombia’s M-19 terrorist guerrilla”, he commented on his X account.

Nothing new under the sun; these are four congress people who represent Florida, the den that hosts the most select of the Latin American ultra-right and the biggest thieves that the region has given birth to, the place where Bolsonaro went to take refuge for a while, the place that just rolled out the red carpet to Javier Milei and his chainsaw, the place where the executors of numerous terrorist acts against Cuba have departed from and from where some of the leaders of the assault on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 marched from.

Tell me where and with whom you hang out with, who you defend and who you attack, and I will tell you who you are.

Source: Cubadebate, translation Resumen Latinoamericano – English