The US Persists in its Unwillingness to Change its Policy towards Cuba

By Deisy Francis Mexidor on March 10, 2024

photo: Deisy Francis Mexidor

In order not to admit the lack of will to change the policy towards Cuba, the United States Government continues appealing to demagogic reasons, distortion and deceitful manipulation of pretexts. (more…)

Cuba Solidarity, What Else Can We Do?

By Deisy Francis Mexidor on February 4, 2024

Cheryl LaBash (left) and Lisa Valanti, next to their cars with “Cuba Sí” license plates

Car license plates in the United States have the standard format of 150×300 mm. The top part shows the name of the state and the bottom part usually has a motto or phrase famous in the state. This is the story told by Cheryl LaBash, the owner of a Toyota with an unusual, interesting and supportive license plate circulating around in that country. (more…)

A Human Tidal Wave for Palestine in the Streets of the US Capital

By Deisy Francis Mexidor on November 5, 2023 in Washington DC

photo: Adrian A.

A huge gathering of people converged in Washington DC yesterday to send a strong message to the US government that they stand with the people of Palestine. Organizers reported that over 300,000 people came from all over the country. (more…)

Gaza: the Televised Genocide Continues

By Deisy Francis Mexidor on October 23, 2023 in Washington DC

Children trembling with fear from Israeli bombs, bodies wrapped in white sheets, destruction, U.S. citizens watch today on TV, as the news of the day, Israel’s genocide in Gaza continues to unfold. (more…)

In Boston: Strategies against the Blockade of Cuba Being Built

By Deisy Francis Mexidor with photos by Bill Hackwell on October 14, 2023

NNOC co chairs Shaquille Fontenot and Cheryl Labash open the annual conference.

They came to Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, from all over the country on their own resources. Some paid for over priced plane tickets to this region of New England, some took buses, but regardless it was worth it because “Cuba is calling us,” as a young activist from Virginia told me. (more…)

US Solidarity with Cuba Continues to Grow

By Deisy Francis Mexidor on October 1, 2023

Oakland California, photo: Bill Hackwell

New displays of solidarity with Cuba took place in the United States this weekend as part of that growing movement of support that carries an  elementary request: Let live a people whose only sin has been to build and defend a different model under the very noses of the empire. (more…)

Terror Attacks on Cuba’s Embassy Fueled by Aggressive US Policy

By Calla Walsh on September 26, 2023 from Washington DC

Supporters of Cuba rally in front of the Embassy after the latest attack: photo: Deisy Francis Mexidor

Cuba’s embassy in Washington has been attacked two times in three years, and no one has been held accountable. This reflects the long history of US-backed terrorism against Cuba, and six decades of illegal economic warfare. (more…)

Bob Menendez, a Corrupt Man in the U.S. Senate

By Deisy Francis Mexidor on September 23, 2023

photo: EFE

New Jersey Democratic lawmaker and fervent hater of Cuba, Robert “Bob” Menendez’s dirty laundry has finally caught up with him and forced him to resign as chairman of the influential U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. (more…)

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