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Between Monroe and Ayacucho; Declaration of Casa de las Americas

June 11, 2024 from Havana

A new ghost is haunting the world: that of the rise of the extreme right and the rise of a fascism that we thought was banished to the history books. Endorsed at the ballot box, as they did almost a century ago, they do not hide to show their most impudent side. The most openly criminal side is left for Gaza, where the world is once again witnessing a genocide that counts, right now, with the complicity or cowardice of a large part of the West. (more…)

Cuba Advocates for Peace at BRICS Meeting

By Alejandra Garcia on June 11, 2024, from Havana

BRICS Minsterial Meeting in Moscow. photo: Cubaminrex

Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla arrived in the Russian Federation on Monday heading the delegation attending the BRICS Ministerial Meeting. The Cuban official arrived in Moscow with a message of peace and the common purpose of his country with the member states of the group (more…)

Argentina – Yanina Settembrino: “The Bases Law is Anti-National Production”

By Camila Parodi on June 11, 2024

Yanina Settembrino coordinator of the Rural Federation for Production and Planting for Argentina talking with rural farm workers, photo: Gisela Volá -Agencia Tierra Viva.

The struggle for the protection of the environment and the rights of rural communities in Argentina is intensifying in the face of government policies that threaten to dismantle advances in food and territorial sovereignty. (more…)

Globalism or Sovereignty

By Jorge Elbaum on June 8, 2024

US Southern Command General Laura Richardson, photo: AFP

The hybrid war planted by the United States against China has one of its combat scenarios in Eastern Europe. A decade ago, Beijing invested $6 billion in acquiring 5% of Ukraine’s arable land. A few months later, in 2014, a Washington-driven coup prevented the Asian giant from accessing those natural resources. (more…)

The Fog of War and Resistance

By Carlos Fazio on June 10, 2024

Hamas fighters

Nothing stops the “biblical” genocide and the collective punishment and ethnic cleansing operations of Benjamin Netanyahu and his war cabinet in Gaza and the West Bank broadcast live urbi et orbi. However, the black propaganda of the intelligence services and the “fog of war” hide or blur the actions of the Palestinian resistance on the ground. (more…)

I Reiterate Cuba’s Determination to Evaluate all Possible Avenues for a Closer Relationship with the BRICS.

Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla thanks the BRICS for their support. Photo: Cubaminrex.

Speech by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla at the BRICS Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on June 11, 2024

US Bets on a Losing Candidate To Be Able To Claim Venezuelan Elections Illegitimate

By Nino Pagliccia  on June 6, 2024

Manipulated photo of Edmundo Gonzalez (left) and Maria Corina Machado during a political rally in Guarenas, Miranda state. Media experts  pointed at this photo for its clear manipulation of dimensions to make a small crowd look bigger. Photo: X/@EdmundoGU.

The preparations for the upcoming Venezuelan presidential elections scheduled for July 28 are progressing as expected with active political campaigning in the country. However, there is a sense of ominous anticipation of interference from the United States government who has been for years stubbornly intent on destroying the Bolivarian Revolution, (more…)

Mexico: From the Mayans and the Aztecs to Claudia Sheinbaum

By Sergio Rodríguez Gelfenstein on June 8, 2024

It is not coincidental. It’s in the annals. The Mexican people did it once again as on many other occasions throughout history. It is true that Hernán Cortés was accompanied by a Malinche  but memory reminds us of Atotoztli, Tomiyahuatl, Eréndira and Tecuichpo, great women who forged the Aztec nation. In the 21st century there is another: Her name is Claudia Sheinbaum. (more…)

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