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Celac is a Work of All, Strengthening it is a Necessity that Cannot be Postponed

By Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez on January 24, 2023 from Buenos Aires

Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel, photo presidencia

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, photo presidencia

Dear President Alberto Fernández:

Your Excellencies Heads of State and Government and other heads of delegation:

Dear Latin American and Caribbean friends:

Returning to Buenos Aires for this meeting of nations is a cause for joy, even more so after the days of collective euphoria that overflowed its enormous avenues for a triumph that we feel as our own in Latin America and the Caribbean. (more…)

Venezuela Celebrates Victory of Democracy with Massive March

By Alejandra Garcia on January 24, 2023

Maduro addresses thousands of Venezuelans  on day of democracy.

“As of today, every January 23 we will commemorate the victory of the people of Venezuela against Yankee imperialism and its defeated coup d’état,” Nicolás Maduro said Monday to a rally of people who gathered to demand an end of sanctions imposed by the United States and for bringing to justice those who plundered the country’s funds for their own benefit. (more…)

Davos, 2023: Preserving an Unjust World

By Atilio Borón on January 23, 2023

Last Monday, January 16, the World Economic Forum met in Davos. This is the 53rd meeting of the world’s economic and political elite, or what Fidel more appropriately called the “imperial bourgeoisie”. Unlike the vast majority of the world’s population, exploited and oppressed by capitalism, which fails to create a Davos-type structure to coordinate the great struggles of our time, the right wing knows and appreciates very well the virtues of a world organization and the design of global strategies of intervention. (more…)

The Irremediable Destiny of Our America

By Randy Alonso Falcón on January 23, 2023

Latin America and the Caribbean have lived centuries of hard shaping of their regional identity, battling between the appetites of colonial and imperial powers and their legitimate aspirations for independence and unity. (more…)

Changes in Brazilian Security Forces: Tactic or Strategy?

By Gustavo A Maranges on January 23, 2023


Several changes in the leadership of the Brazilian security forces’ were confirmed this weekend arousing great interest around not just Brazil but internationally as well. The strong shakeup in 18 different departments by the recently elected government of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is meant to be enormous. (more…)

Peruvian Right Wing against the Insurrectionary Masses

By Adalberto Santana on January 17, 2023

streets of Lima, photo: AA

It would seem that, at present, right-wing expressions in Latin America and the Caribbean have rebounded. This statement could be inferred from the most recent events that have taken place in some countries of the region at the beginning of 2023, as it happened in Brazil with the failed coup d’état against President Lula da Silva, or in the violent protests of the Bolivian right wing in Santa Cruz against the government of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS). (more…)

Biden Accused of Hypocrisy for Seeking Assange’s Extradition

January 21, 2023

photo: Nathan Posner, Anadolu Agency

The ‘Belmarsh Tribunal’, made up of a group of legal experts and supporters of Julian Assange, whose meeting was held Friday in Washington D.C., lashed out at U.S. President Joe Biden, reproaching his hypocrisy as the White House continues to seek to extradite the WikiLeaks co-founder from the United Kingdom. (more…)

The United States and the Handling of the Immigration Issue

By José Ramón Cabañas Rodríguez on January 20, 2023 from Havana

The total number of undocumented migrants from Cuba is once again in the news. Once again this issue is related to the occurrence of an economic crisis in the country and the disrespect to the migration agreements signed between Cuba and the United States. In U.S. public opinion, the treatment of Cubans is perceived as a singularity that can be questioned. (more…)

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