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While Cuba Deals with the Matanzas Fire, the U.S. Watches and Waits

By Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan and Medea Benjamin on August 10, 2022

photo: Irene Perez, Cubadebate

By now, the images of the oil explosion that erupted in the Cuban province of Matanzas on Friday, August 5 that has just been extinguished has been seen around the world. (more…)

Colombia: Iván Duque Bags Job at Washington Think Tank

August 10, 2022

Former right-wing President of Colombia, Ivan Duque, has landed a job at the Washington-based Wilson Center as a “Distinguished Fellow” and “Global Advisor” for issues including defense of democracy and climate change, despite his atrocious record on human rights and environmental destruction. (more…)

Help Matanzas

By José Alejandro Rodríguez on August 8, 2022

photo: Ricardo Lopez Heria

The beautiful Matanzas burns of pain before an excessive lightning, whim of the exalted Mother Nature that unleashed in persistent flames the oil that urges us. And Cuba, so promiscuous in sharing sorrows, shudders moved by the tongues of fire, the flesh and the cut dreams of so many children once again. (more…)

To Matanzas: My Embrace, My Hope

By Teresa Melo on August 8, 2022

I will not repeat the news. The journalists and media are there, reporting minute by minute… I don’t think anyone slept, even those of us who are not in Matanzas. The videos of the explosion of the second tank, testimonies of firefighters, photos, bitter crying, fear, fear, fire spread, nearby electrical networks and transformers destroyed, steam, smoke, intense heat… And that red sky… (more…)

The Curse and the Heroes

By Arleen Rodríguez Derivet on August 7, 2022 from Havana

Men of fire. Photo: Ricardo López Hevia

Getting older has its advantages. Facts are looked at with the old eyes that have seen so much that they have seen almost everything and have weighed or valued with an accumulation of memories and experiences enough to scare away superstitions and save hope in the worst moments. (more…)

No Permission for Defeat

By Rafael Montejo Véliz on August 9, 2022

more socialism, photo: Bill Hackwell

There are people, few, a who are already defeated, and it is true that the tragedy caused by the accident at the supertanker base is great and the scenes are Dantesque. (more…)

Fire in Matanzas:  The Real Story Beyond the Smoke and Fire

By Gustavo A Maranges on August 9, 2022 from Cardenas

photo: Ricardo Lopez Hevia – Granma

Today, after several days, I checked what the mainstream media has reported on the accident at Matanzas supertanker base. I was not surprised at all by what I found. I say this because many of us are used to reading articles driven by sensationalism and not by  any credible principles of journalism when reporting on Cuba. (more…)

Difficult Days of Solidarity

By Graciela Ramirez and Victor Villalba Gutiérrez on August 9, 2010 from Matanzas

image: Victor Villalba Gutiérrez

It is shocking to take pictures, even from a distance, of the industrial zone of Matanzas. Black smoke and flames consume the fuel of the 3rd tank that collapsed last night. The images we have taken hardly give a true account of what we witnessed. (more…)

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