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Colombia Suspends Sale of Coal to Israel Due to the Genocide in Gaza

June 9, 2024

Colombian President Gustavp Petro

“We are going to suspend coal exports to Israel until it stops the genocide,” Colombian President Gustavo Petro assured on Saturday on the platform X, where he also included the draft resolution that will take effect five days from its publication. (more…)

The “Hot Peace” and the End of the World

By Raul Capote Fernandez on June 8, 2024

photo: antena 3

The struggle for markets and the differences in the conception of international relations give rise to a rupture of the world balance which is expressed, fundamentally, in a qualitative increase of the arms race. (more…)

Argentina: Social Pain as Therapy

By Marcos Roitman Rosenmann on June 6, 2024

When social pain is an escape valve to feel pleasure, we are in the presence of a broken society. Politically administered with a language of hate and pointing blames, social pain is a weapon in the hands of shamans. Argentina suffers from the syndrome of autolytic injuries. It bleeds out of its own free will. (more…)

Iran: An Accident Shrouded in Mystery

By Roger Ricardo Luis on June 7, 2024

the helicopter crash site, photo: Avatar

The death on Sunday, May 19, of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, when the helicopter in which he was traveling crashed in a mountainous area of the Persian country, has led to the emergence of several hypotheses about the causes of the event. (more…)

Booby Trap

By Rosa Miriam Elizalde on June 6, 2024

Plaza of the Revolution, photo: Bill Hackwell

The Biden administration announced new measures for Cuba that eminent international analysts, usually drooling over the U.S. blockade, have interpreted as a gift to the Cuban government. According to the Treasury Department statement, only the island’s private sector can “open, maintain and remotely use bank accounts in the US. (more…)

Guatemala: Military Documents to be Entered Into Evidence Of Trial Around Genocide Of Mayan People

By Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala on June 4, 2024

photo: Daniel Hernandez-Sala.

Guatemala City, Guatemala – For the next 2 weeks, in the ongoing historic genocide trial against former Guatemalan military general Manuel Benedicto Lucas García, international experts will bring forth indisputable evidence about the military intelligence and operations of the Guatemalan armed forces during the genocide of the Maya Ixil indigenous people in the early 1980s. (more…)

Venezuela Wants to Join BRICS “as Quickly as Possible”

By Victor Ternovsky on June 6, 2024

Jose Felix Rivas Alvarado, photo: Sputnik

Venezuela hopes to join the BRICS group as soon as possible, the Caribbean nation’s Sectoral Vice President for Economy and Minister of Industries and National Production, Jose Felix Rivas Alvarado, said in an exclusive with Sputnik. (more…)

War Mutilates the Heart of Humanity

By Vijay Prashad on June 5, 2024

In the wars against the Iraqi people the concussions of US bombs destroyed the water and sewer lines in Baghdad. photo; Bill Hackwell

In their apartment in Baghdad, Iraq, my friends tell me how they were impacted by the horrors of the illegal war imposed by the United States in 2003 against their country. Yusuf and Anisa are members of the Iraqi Federation of Journalists and both have experience as freelance journalists for Western media companies that came to Baghdad in the midst of the war. (more…)

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