Bolsonaro Disappeared, but Left Deforestation and Coup Plotters on Autopilot

By Leonardo Sakamoto on November 16, 2022

With no enforcement, destruction runs wild – Christian Braga/Greenpeace

Since he lost the election to Lula, Bolsonaro has disappeared, perhaps shredding documents, erasing hard drives, renewing his passport, or analyzing ways to avoid answering for the crimes he committed when he left power. (more…)

European Parliament Denounces Extraterritoriality of the US Blockade against Cuba

By Alejandra Garcia on November 17, 2022 from Havana

This Thursday, Cuba’s voice was heard loudly in Europe. Members of the European Parliament (MPEs), based in Brussels, Belgium, along with Belgium-based Cuban representatives, lawmakers, and members of solidarity movements of that continent, stood with the Caribbean island in its call against the inhuman and illegal US blockade. (more…)

Cuba Stresses the Importance of Full Compliance with Immigration Agreements with the US

By Claudia Fonseca Sosa on November 15, 2022

Carlos Fernández de Cossío Domínguez

Briefing the press on the course of the round of migration talks with the United States that took place today in Havana, Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Fernández de Cossío said that the Cuban delegation welcomed the announcement of the full resumption of immigrant visa services at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba as of January 4, 2023. (more…)

Mid-term Elections in the United States and What is Behind It

By José Ramòn Cabañas Rodríguez on November 15, 2022

A week after the mid-term elections in the United States dawns and we still do not know who will have the majority in the House of Representatives, nor the definitive data on the Senate, where, if there will be Democratic dominance, it will be minimal, and the data has fallen in drips and drabs during the last week. (more…)

Cuba: Pinar Del Rio Rises up Thanks to Solidarity after Ian’s Passage

By Alejandra Garcia on November 15, 2022 from Havana

photo: José M. Correa

Pinar del Rio doesn’t want to remember the early morning of September 27 or the days and nights following the devastating passage of Ian, which reached the west of the island as a powerful Category 3 hurricane. The images that it left behind are devastating. (more…)

Nicaragua: Stability in a Destabilized Region

By Stephen Sefton, November 14, 2022

The electoral victories of Gustavo Petro and Inacio Lula da Silva this year in Colombia and Brazil have raised hopes for a new strong impulse towards the full emancipation of Latin America and the Caribbean. The recent reopening of relations between Colombia and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has reinforced that optimism, along with the likely early abandonment of failed impostor Juan Guaidó by his American owners, (more…)

Frankenstein in Miami: Why are Democrats Losing Florida?

By Iroel Sánchez on November 13, 2022

Cuban television aired this Saturday night the movie Victor Frankenstein, one of the many film and television versions of the novel by British writer Mary Shelley. The story of the man who, by putting together parts of corpses, creates a new being that ends up being a monstrosity rebelling against its creator (more…)

For Bolivia’s Far Right, The Chickens Come Home to Roost

By Cindy Forster on November 14, 2022

compesinos in Santa Cruz are organizing against right wing violence

Most of Bolivia’s Right is murderous, but one of its captains, Luis Fernando Camacho who led the paramilitary aspects of the 2019 coup, is apparently too powerful to arrest, and became governor of the stronghold of the Right in Santa Cruz. (more…)

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