Anti-Cuba Show at the UN Fails

By Angel Guerra Cabrera on October 18, 2018

The United States failed miserably this week in its attempt to put on an anti-Cuba show in the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) session hall. There the US presented a new campaign against Cuba under the name Jailed for What which aims to support the alleged political prisoners on the island, which only exists in the poor imagination of their organizers. The public consisted mainly of journalists, since the missions accredited to the UN and the guests, almost without exception, chose not to attend. Those who were present were all the members of the Cuban Mission to the UN in New York, who shouted “Cuba yes, blockade no!” preventing the anti-Cuban speeches from being heard.

Days before, Ambassador Anayansi Rodriguez, head of that Mission, sent a letter of protest to Antonio Guterres, general secretary of the organization in which she denounced the call as part of Washington’s escalation to justify the genocidal policy of the blockade.  The Cuban representative also made the denunciation in an emergency meeting of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries, in which 17 States opposed the US maneuver. It was also presented before the Commission on Socio-Humanitarian Affairs of the General Assembly, where 11 countries explicitly rejected it.

The session convened by Washington began almost an hour later than scheduled. Panelists included Kelley E. Currie, U.S. representative to ECOSOC, as keynote speaker Michael Kozak, head of the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, old acquaintance in anti-Cuban politics and particularly familiar with U.S. mercenaries on the island, who made up much of the squalid public.  This part of this anti-Cuba campaign received large funds in dollars from many agencies and organizations under the facade of the CIA, which finance them generously. Also one of the speakers was the despicable Luis Almagro, secretary general of the discredited OAS, who does not have enough time to slander Venezuela and conspire against its legitimate government, unless it is when he goes after Cuba or Nicaragua.  As is well known, Cuba has said it will never return to the OAS.

The anger and frustration of the United States about the upcoming overwhelming condemnation at the United Nations of the blockade against Cuba is of such magnitude that it cannot do anything reasonable. Its representatives have recently made a series of increasingly hostile statements towards the island and its Revolution. The problem is that Washington knows that it is going to rain and thunder on October 31 as an almost absolute majority of nations will pronounce themselves energetically, once again, against this unilateral and illegal measure and will ask for it to be lifted. Because the US cannot prevent the repeated humiliation they will receive, as all its lies against Cuba become evident, it gets less and less original and crazier in its attempts to divert attention from the realities about their unilateral blockade against the island.

The latest great fiasco of the U.S. is that of the alleged sonic attacks against their diplomatic personnel in Cuba, which ended up being mocked by scientists from several countries, including the United States. So obvious was the lie about the sonic waves that even in the Spanish newspaper El País, which is now friend to Cuba, included a column that attributed the intellectual authorship of the sonic attack argument to Mike Pompeo from his previous position as director of the CIA, in union with Florida Senator Marco Rubio, whom he very aptly describes as “a sort of palatial advisor in Cuban affairs”. The author of the column attributes the idea of the alleged attacks to the purpose of the Trump administration to reduce to a minimum the advances in bilateral relations, which during Obama’s period led to the re-establishment of diplomatic relations and a good number of bilateral agreements and projects.

U.S. cynicism knows no bounds. Appealing to the issue of human rights in its anti-Cuban obsession is the height of brazenness. Cuba is an active and respected member of the UN, signatory of most international human rights instruments. Washington, immersed today in bloody wars of aggression, has not signed most of those instruments, not even that of children’s rights, and has withdrawn from the UN Human Rights Council. The other author of the genocidal nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has more than 50 million poor, its police kill more blacks each year, imprisons migrant children by the thousands, has the largest war budget, discriminates against the wages of women, promotes fascist ideas such as hatred, xenophobia and superiority and the country that holds political prisoners including in Guantánamo, a torture center, in the illegally occupied territory of Cuba.

Source: La Pupila Insomne