Factors of the Media War

By Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez on June 24, 2020

We are under fire from (at least) three wars simultaneously: an Economic War unleashed to give another “turn of the screw” against the working class; a Territorial War to ensure control, meter by meter, against the social mobilizations and protests that are multiplying around the planet, and a Media War to anesthetize us and criminalize social struggles and their leaders. Three fires that operate in a combined way from the global financial mafias, the war industry and the reissued of a” Communicational Plan Condor” determined to silence the people. All with the complicity of servile governments that are specialists in managing the worst designs against humanity. It must be said clearly and without extenuating circumstances.

In particular, but not in isolation, a media war has been unleashed against working people, all over the planet, without mercy (although some still refuse to see it). Such a media war is an extension of capitalism’s economic warfare and is inexplicable without explaining (historically and scientifically) how capitalism operates in its various phases, including its current imperial phase. The war against the people is not content to put its exploitative boot on the neck of the workers; it wants us to thank them for it; to recognize that this is “right,” that it does us “good”; to applaud it and to pass on to our offspring the values of exploitation and humiliation as if it were a moral triumph of all humanity. The oligarchic war against the peoples has never been only material and concrete… it has been ideological and subjective. None of this is new; it is not recorded here as a discovery or as revealed truth; it is the class condemnation upon which our existence is verified. Mostly in silence.

Alongside the concrete consequences of the “Triple War”, which in each country leaves specific traces, there is the problem of understanding its supra-, trans and intra-national effects. A part of the economic-political power of transnational corporations has its vernacular identity unmasked or disguised by all sorts of names. It is a double alienating articulation that surpasses national powers (no taxation, no respect for laws and no respect for identities), while offering support to local operations in which the balance of capital against labor is tipped. Thus, companies like Shell (energy), allied with local or international banks, finance media fronts (television, radio, journalists, press) and promote defense “strategies” for allied states. Its allies. The financed discourse is a system of transnational strategic defense operated from imperial power stations with vernacular aid. Same imperial model with decades of aging but updated technology. That is to say, none of this is new, we knew it and we know it.

Source: El Ciervo Herido, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau