Statement of the Network in Defense of Humanity Commemorating International Day of the US Crimes against Humanity

August 9, 2020

The Network in Defense of Humanity (REDH) commemorates once again the date on which the crimes of the United States are condemned by the global society, which is affected in the highest and most diverse degree by the unilateral, hegemonic and indiscriminate aggressions of a ruling class with imperialist vocation and conduct, which is, in the end, toxic for universal coexistence.

Today, August 9, 2020, is the 75th anniversary of the launching by the United States of atomic bombs on the Japanese civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, at a time when World War II had already ended, which reinforced the treacherous nature of the crime.

In the current circumstances that plague the world, with a pandemic of uncertain future and the daily genocide of the administration of Donald Trump and several of his allies against their own people, the Network in Defense of Humanity cannot fail to denounce the upward deterioration of civilizational conditions as a consequence of the systemic practice of the U.S. governments for more than a century.

The continuous wars, euphemistically called preventive and – even worse – already privatized to benefit the armament elites of the greatest global power, have only brought death, social degradation, and hardships of a very diverse nature to countless peaceful peoples of the world. The warlike imposition that the United States has been practicing for decades as the first economic and financial weapons power has grown to become a danger for the continuity of life on the planet and for the existence of constructive relations between human beings.

The world is calling for an end to genocidal aggression against nations that demand peace and a historic passage without hateful, violent, and unacceptable interference. Neither Cuba, nor Venezuela, nor Iran love war nor confrontation, and yet they are subjected to unprecedented diplomatic, militaristic and economic pressures, completely alien to any form of international law.

The persecution that the U.S. perpetrates against anyone who opposes its criminal and oppressive subjugation –including the judges of the International Criminal Court based in The Hague– is eloquent proof of the insane and ideologically extreme nature of that imperialist power. It is a barbaric and fundamentalist state, with a ruling government and political class that have decided to become enemies of Humanity and of any hopeful vision of planetary coexistence.

The REDH condemns the new criminal forms of harm to humanity with which the United States has opened this 21st century: the confinement and segregation of immigrant children, the selective killings with sophisticated state-of-the-art weapons, especially drones or unmanned planes, prison ships in international waters, and torture centers spread extra-territorially around the world, in order to circumvent hypocritical laws in their own country. Such criminal behavior is but a new manifestation–among other things–of the anti-humanist and Nazi ideology of the U.S. ruling class. That Washington does not use crematory ovens or gas chambers, as Nazi Germany did in its time to exterminate opponents, is a technical, not a moral question. Also, the involvement of high-profile corporations that plunder societies and resources wherever they set their sights is part of the repertoire of death and calamities that the United States deploys around the world.

The Network in Defense of Humanity calls on the progressive forces of the planet and on every person who is worthy and a lover of truth simply not to forget what happened 75 years ago in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, not to ignore the undeniable imperial role of the United States – as an expression of the joint chiefs of the interests of the most concentrated capital – in the global architecture, since their vile actions, continuous massacres and unilateral arrogance have ended up significantly undermining the construction of any form of political and human coexistence on a global scale.

The minorities of the American plutocracy have shown themselves to be fanatics of death, of human and planetary environmental degradation and, as if that were not enough to convince the still incredulous, planners of the brutal subjugation of the majorities and their daily exclusion, which finds in the rise of racism its most perverse and obscene expression. Let’s not lose sight, on this day, of the fact that the world is on the verge of a collapse arising from the capitalist-imperialist system precisely because the United States has chosen, at the height of its political sclerosis, that self-destructive path of Humanity as a paradoxical solution to its irreversible decline.

For a more peaceful and humanized world… Strongly condemns the United States and all terrorist states, colonizers, and those actively responsible for blockades, torture and genocide!

AUGUST 9, 2020

Executive Secretariat of the Network in Defense of Humanity 

Alicia Jrapko (Argentina/EE.UU.)

Anarella Vélez (Honduras)

Ángel Guerra (Cuba/México)

Antonio Elías (Uruguay)

Arantxa Tirado (España)

Ariana López (Cuba)

Arnold August (Canadá)

Atilio A. Borón (Argentina)

Camille Chalmers (Haití)

Carlos Alberto (Beto) Almeida (Brasil)

Carmen Bohórquez (Venezuela)

Darío Salinas Figueredo (Chile/México)

Fernando Buen Abad (México/Argentina)

Fernando León Jacomino (Cuba)

Florencia Lagos (Chile/Cuba)

Gabriela Cultelli (Uruguay)

Gilberto Ríos (Honduras)

Héctor Díaz-Polanco (México)

Hernando Calvo Ospina (Colombia/Francia)

Hildebrando Pérez Grande (Perú)

Hugo Moldiz (Bolivia)

Irene León (Ecuador)

Javier Couso (España)

Javiera Olivares (Chile)

Karla Díaz (Chile)

Katu Arkonada (País Vasco/Bolivia/México)

Lillian Álvarez (Cuba)

Luis Britto García (Venezuela)

Luis Hernández Navarro (México)

Marco Schneider (Brasil)

Marco Teruggi (Argentina/Venezuela)

Marilia Guimarães (Brasil)

Nayar López (México)

Omar González (Cuba)

Orlando Pérez (Ecuador)

Pablo Sepúlveda Allende (Chile/Venezuela)

Pasqualina Curcio (Venezuela)

Paula Klachko (Argentina)

Pedro Calzadilla (Venezuela)

Ricardo Flecha (Paraguay)

Sergio Arria (Venezuela/Argentina)

Stella Calloni (Argentina)

Tim Anderson (Australia)

Endorsers from Argentina:

Luis Carlos Moro, secretario general de la Asociación Americana de Juristas.

Carlos López López, director Observatorio de Asuntos Latinoamericanos de la Cámara de Diputados de la Nación

Vanessa Ramos, presidenta de la Asociación Americana de Juristas

Szmukler, presidente consultivo de la Asociacion Americana de Juristas

Paola Gallo, abogada, co-presidenta de Mopassol

Jorge Elbaum, periodista, Sociólogo, y Dr. en Ciencias Económicas

Andrea Vlahusic, abogada, co-presidenta de Mopassol

Nestor Kohan, filósofo, Cátedra Che Guevara, UBA

Alejo Brignole, escritor

Paula Giménez, investigadora del Centro Latinoamericano de Análisis Estratégico

Telma Luzzani, periodista y escritora

Héctor Bernardo – periodista

Emilio H.Taddei, IEALC-UBA/GEAL

Magalí Gómez, comunicadora social, REDH

Claudia Viviana Rocca, presidenta de la Asociación Americana de Juristas – Rama Argentina

Germán Leyens, Comité de Solidaridad Latinoamericana de Mendoza.

Tania Ferreira, REDH Brasil y Argentina, co-fundadora del Comité Internacional Lula Libre – Zona Norte Bs. As.

Beatriz Rajland, FISYP- Argentina

Gonzalo Armua, Alba Movimientos

Daniel Feipeler, UNICEN

Juan Francisco Martines Perie, historiador CCC

Luis Wainer, sociólogo CCC

Matias Caciabue, UNAHUR

Laura Vázquez, cineasta

Ana Maria Ramb, escritora

Endorsers from Brazil:

Leonardo Boff , teólogo

Fernando Morais, escritor

Lindberg Farías, ex Senador – Presidente da Fundação Perseu Abramo (PT)

Jandira Feghalli, diputada Federal

Leonel Brizola Neto, concejal Río de Janeiro

Marcia M. Miranda, Educadora Popular

Elisa Semaneoto, activista

María José Caramez, profesora de neurología-

Aurélio Ferandes, profesor

João Ricardo Dornelles, escritor

Rose Nogueira, periodista

Osvaldo Sirota Rotbande, profesor

Nadia Bambira, atriz

Luciano Tolla, profesor

Oswaldo Rotband, profesor

Maria Goretti Nagime, profesor

Juárez Tavarez, jurista

Jose Dirceu da Silva, Abogado

Eri Nepomucemo, escritor

Gustavo Senechal, profesor y Director de la Pontificia Universidad Católica

Marcelom Barros, profesor

Montserrat Ponsa, escritora y, activista cultural y social

Endorsers from Cuba:

Omar Valiño, ensayista, y director Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba, José Martí

Pedro de la Hoz, periodista y vicepresidente de la UNEAC

Pausides, poeta y coordinador Festival Internacional de Poesía de La Habana

Palacios Ortega, presidente del Movimiento Juvenil Martiano de Cuba

Niurka Dumenigo, vicepresidenta Sociedad Cultural José Martí

Randy Alonso, periodista, Director del portal web Cubadebate

Enrique Ubieta, escritor, Director Revista Cuba Socialista

Katiuska Blanco, periodista y escritora

Leyde E. Rodríguez Hernández, profesor ISRI y activista del Movimiento Cubano por la Paz y la Soberanía de los Pueblos (MOVPAZ)

Alberto Marrero, poeta y narrador, presidente de la Asociación de Escritores, UNEAC

Jorge Ángel Hernández Pérez, poeta, narrador y ensayista

Ramón Pichs Madruga, economista y Director del Centro de Investigaciones de Economía Mundial (CIEM)

Gladys Hernández, investigadora del Centro de Investigaciones de Economía Mundial (CIEM)

Omar Olazabal, filólogo, profesor y productor audiovisual

Graciela Ramírez Cruz, periodista y directora de la Oficina del Resumen Latinoamericano en La Habana

Endorsers from Spain:

Txema Sánchez, comunicador, miembro del FAI.

Manuel Pardo, analista, miembro de FAI.

Juanlu González, fotógrafo y comunicador social. Miembro de FAI.

Ángeles Diez Rodríguez, dra. en CC. Políticas y Sociología. REDH España.

Rosa Moro, periodista y analista de tema africanos. Comité Umoya de Madrid y FAI.

Andrés Berral Martín, miembro de Solidaridad Internacional y Análisis Revolucionario (SIAR) y de Nulla Politica Sine Ethica. Miembro del FAI.

Endorsers from Peru

Héctor Béjar Rivera, Sociólogo

Delfina Paredes, actriz

Bruno Portuguez, pintor

Fanny Palacios Izquierdo, pintora

Juan Cristóbal, poeta

Vicente Otta, sociólogo

Winston Orrillo, poeta

Rosina Valcárcel, poeta

Francisco Adriazén, cineasta

Federico García. Cineasta

Pilar Roca, cineasta

José Luis Ayala, poeta

Eduardo Arroyo, sociólogo

Gustavo Espinoza, periodista

Manuel Robles, periodista

Endorsers from Venezuela:

Alejandro López, viceministro del Poder Popular para la Cultura.

Américo Alvarado Benítez, filósofo.

Cris González, artista plástica, diplomática. Directora de la revista Correo del Alba. REDH.

Christiane Valles, antropóloga, escritora

Tony González, cineasta

Isaliv Matheus Spíndola, psicóloga y docente universitaria

Juan Eduardo Romero, historiador y docente universitario

Mariadela Villanueva, analista y comunicadora

Ignacio Ramírez Romero, presidente de la Federación Nacional de Derechos Humanos de Venezuela

Cristina González Quintana, periodista, escritora

María Fernanda Barreto, comunicadora y analista internacional. REDH

David Alvarado Patiño, filósofo, escritor. REDH

Liliane Blaser, documentalista y docente

Manuel Azuaje Reverón, filósofo, crítico de cine. REDH

Lillian Rojas

Olga Álvarez

Zaira Melean de Calzada

Endorsers from Organizations and Institututions

EFAC – Espacio de la Fraternidad Argentino-Cubana para la Unidad de Nuestra América

Asociación Americana De Juristas

MOPASSOL, Movimiento por la Paz, la Soberanía y la Solidaridad entre los Pueblos, Argentina

FAI, Frente Antiimperialista Internacionalista, España

ALBA Movimientos, Articulación Continental de Movimientos Sociales y Populares

Comité Internacional Paz, Justicia y Dignidad a los Pueblos

Source: In Defense of Humanity-Cuba