Raul Castro Steps Down As a New Generation Emerges to Carry the Cuban Revolution Forward

April 19, 2021

Photo: Juvenal Balán

At the opening day of the 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba Raul Castro, historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, announced he would no longer be the First Secretary of the Party symbolizing the transition of the historic generation that carried out the Cuban Revolution to a new but prepared generation of leadership.

In his remarks Raul expressed satisfaction of having fulfilled his duty and emphasized, “I will continue serving as one more revolutionary fighter, ready to make my modest contribution until the end of my life. Let no one doubt that as long as I live, I will be ready, with a foot in the stirrup to defend the homeland, the Revolution, and socialism.”

The four day Congress concludes today in Havana and Resumen will be having a full eyewitness report from the event in our issue on Wednesday.