Cuba: To the Women and Families of the Saratoga Tragedy

May 8, 2022

Mothers of the World MovementThe Mothers of the World Movement for the Peace of the Peoples expresses its sorrow at the catastrophic accident that occurred 2 days ago in Havana, after the explosion at the Saratoga Hotel on Paseo El Prado in Havana.

On this Mother’s Day, the Cuban people see many families in mourning and others are still waiting for their relatives to appear or to recover from injuries, ranging from the most serious to minor ones.

We have seen the Cuban government, with its President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, together with other authorities, take the lead in this incident. The Rescue Forces, as well as all the personnel of the Cuban Public Health System, have rescued and transferred to different Health Centers to save the lives of the victims. We have also seen the people quickly organized from the CDR, students and all Havana men and women, to show their solidarity by donating blood.

We express our support, in whatever is necessary, because you can count on the Venezuelan people in the face of any adversity.
Strength Cuba!

Count on the peoples of the world, always in solidarity with you!

Caracas, May 8, 2022