Cuba: Let Silence not Win

By Ignacio Ramonet, journalist, Spain; Hernando Calvo Ospina, writer, France; Atilio Borón, sociologist, Argentina and Fernando Buen Abad, philosopher, Mexico on July 28, 2022

photo: Bill Hackwell

A few months ago, at our initiative, we collected signatures of scientific, political, artistic and intellectual personalities, with social leadership and deep humanist commitments, to disseminate worldwide an emphatic protest against the blockade that the United States has maintained against Cuba for more than sixty years.

These days some media are once again singling us out, the four of us by our names, for that protest letter, claiming, moreover, that we are part of the Cuban propaganda apparatus. Well, let it be known that today we ratify our protest and expand it with ever greater conviction and emphasis. And we are sure that all those personalities who accompanied us with their signatures would do so now with the same conviction.

To the criminal blockade against Cuba, expressed in hundreds of imperial outrages that are deployed in threats, sanctions, slander and economic-political harassment, we must add the recent destabilizing adventures financed from the White House and South Florida with a special focus on Cuban youth. There is no limit to the baseness and stupidity. It is not fair for the Cuban people to suffer the criminal irrationality of the U.S. empire, nor is it admissible to remain silent in the face of the desperate situation to which Cuba is being subjected, with problems induced by the blockade and problems arising from it multiplying without end.

The empire’s plan is to crush Cuba through hunger, unhealthy conditions, energy shortages, lack of basic technology, supplies and spare parts. The empire’s plan is to erase, at all costs, the Cuban example of humanism and revolutionary rebellion. The empire’s plan is to triumph the hatred of the executioners against the dignity of the rebels, to asphyxiate the Cuban economy and cause suffering to its population so that it revolts against the revolutionary government.

Donald Trump’s administration alone issued 243 sanction measures and Joe Biden has been unable to modify the inhuman character of such sanctions reaching the extreme of the most arrogant insensitivity in the worst moments of the Covid-19 pandemic. Washington has arrogantly disregarded the annual condemnation of the United Nations General Assembly, which demands an end to this inhuman procedure.

From the bowels of the empire, with millions of dollars, hordes of “dissidents”, “opponents”, “critics” camouflaged with all kinds of talk about “human rights”, “freedom of expression” and the “democratic” spirit… operate at the editorial desks of “newspapers”, “news”, “social networks” to sell their informative merchandise salaried by criminal wills. They yearn to operate inside Cuba publicized with the accompaniment of the “international press” to damage the image of the revolution, to justify the application of the criminal blockade and to justify all kinds of interventions. To isolate Cuba, to turn it into the scene of the perfect crime that nobody knew about.

Without blushing, they squander millions of dollars to promote internal subversion, calling for civil disobedience, anarchy and chaos, with the sole purpose of putting an end to the current political system and installing one that responds to their sole interests. Washington cares nothing for the immense scientific achievements of the revolution which, among other things, will make Cuba the first country in the world to have its entire population vaccinated against Covid-19 in a few weeks, and with its own vaccines. Although Washington went to great lengths to prevent Cuba from acquiring even the syringes needed to apply them. We cannot remain silent in the face of this hell that Cuba is suffering.

Inside the country, individuals who feel supported and protected by Washington, using as a banner the difficult economic situation due to the blockade (a situation increased by Covid, as in all other nations), call for subversive demonstrations. They do so regardless of the laws in force which prohibit any attack on the political system in force, as is logical in all the states of the world. And even more so when it is incited by a foreign power.

We, who ratify what has been said once again raise our voice, call once again on the government of the United States to cease the inhuman blockade against Cuba and to stop its attempts to destabilize a nation that at no time has taken actions against its security; much less has it interfered in its internal affairs, nor has it called on the American people to subvert the established order, in spite of the multiple and serious internal social problems of this world power.

We ratify our love for Cuba so that its brotherly people, who have educated us with their titanic example of resistance, fortitude and greatness, may know it. May the revolutionary people of Cuba know it because these few lines express the clamor of millions of brothers in solidarity and the accumulation of fraternal emotions grateful for the example of solidarity of Cuba with all brotherly peoples, in Angola as much as in Venezuela or Mexico, just to mention a geopolitical and historical axis of a new kind in time and space.

We ratify what has been said and we emphasize that our love for the Cuban Revolution is unwavering and progressive.

Source: Le Club de Mediapart, translation Resumen Latinoamericano – English