Hate and Fear in the Electoral Communication Menu

By Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez  on May 19, 2023

Since the ruling class wants the “new” war scenarios to be the brains directed by NATO they also want the “new generation” ideological communicational armaments to be installed there, for hybrid and unrestricted demoralizing conflicts; they also want us to be fond of them, to accept that they have always been right in treating us the way they treat us; that we live sincerely grateful because they manage our natural resources and pauperize our labor force with their “labor reforms”; that they invent gods, religions and individualistic, fetishistic and escapist miracles under our noses; to the point that we are eaten away by fear, hate, desperation and impotence; that we feel all this as our greatest historical treasure and that we take care of it as the best inheritance for our “progeny”…. and all that is underway so that, self-disorganization is our class pride and we express it as enamored defenders of bourgeois democracy. It is the cultural and media Monroe Doctrine.

Is this a reloaded conspiratorial delusion? Imperial declarations abound, loaded with usurious greed, in pursuit of water, gas, oil, gold, silver, lithium… of the seas, rivers and lakes; of the fields, mountains and skies. Plans abound to “modernize” the labor force by making it cheaper in the extreme for greater comfort in the bourgeois structure of “costs”. Churches are multiplying. And, the “media” sources, loaded with mass anesthetics, multiply in abundance, to procure conglomerates each day more disorganized and each day more intoxicated with suspicion, skepticism and contempt for themselves and for any type of collective action with rebellious initiatives. Slavery of consciences is becoming more profitable every day. There is palpable and deductible evidence, objective and subjective, qualitative and quantitative.

And it is not that capitalism shows itself monstrous only because it is a kind of a extraterrestrial “evil” that comes to satiate its untamed perversions, like a Greek God, against the planet earth and all its inhabitants. It is that capitalism sniffs out the multiplication of the weariness and rebelliousness that the human species treasures, cultivates and flourishes, generation after generation, to shake off once and for all, the oppressive modes, means and relations of production proper to the dictatorship of Capital. That is why Cognitive Warfare grows and diversifies, exponentially, and they call it “Artificial Intelligence” or “Good Capitalism”. They usurp the semantics of equality, freedom and fraternity, but for their equality, the freedom of their businesses and the fraternity of their mafias. They clamor for equality of opportunity and we fight for equality of conditions. It is not the same thing. That is the dispute for meaning.

To defend themselves, they are preparing timed media onslaughts. They did not like the progressive turns in Latin America and are now deploying models of economic-political and ideological occupation based on histrionics of hatred and “libertarian” verbiage. They publicize the idea that they are growing thanks to the “malaise” and disillusionment of the peoples, in the face of the failure of progressivism, and propagate their shoddy media offensives as new theologies or ontologies of nothingness so that the masses surrender without thinking much.

At some time in history, many stood in perplexity and amazement before the macabre histrionics of Nazi-fascism. Let us not repeat that mistake. Let us politicize the threat of the Nazi-fascist offshoots huddled in NATO’s Cognitive Warfare and exhibit the macabre package of their market “libertarianism”. There dwells the most pernicious business of war. Let us not lose sight of the danger. The entire right wing is regrouping, they will draw strength from their weaknesses to attack us with more financial, military and ideological fury. And they will pass them on “TV”. May our most honest debates not weaken or fracture us. They want us divided and disorganized.

We need a crucial front in the Semiotic Revolution against the Ideology of the Ruling Class, as an unmitigated struggle against all fanaticism. Whatever it is disguised as, whatever it is disguised as, whether it is created “progre” or distills holy water. Fanatics and dogmatists are soldiers of stupidity. The fanatics of the ultra-right, offshoots of Nazi-fascism, say that they love Freedom. But not human Freedom, political Freedom or juridical Freedom… they love market Freedom and very particularly the Freedom to plunder natural resources and humiliated labor. The far-reaching plan of the right wing consists of perfecting the plunder of natural wealth, of cheap labor and the subordination of the conscience of the peoples. And on top of that we live in gratitude for it.

They hijack the “mass media” to enslave collective freedoms. They understand democracy as an individualistic pachanga only for the Market Dictatorship. They want the communication -impudent and unpunished- for their bourgeois shenanigans and bureaucratic bungling. And they want us enslaved, happy and applauding that they steal from us. Freely anesthetized. Let us not participate in the oppressive bourgeois circus. They seek to destroy, with votes, the State… not to enrich it. If the puppets of the hegemonic media were as free as they say they are, they would not be slaves of the bourgeois mentality that finances “fake news” and much less would they coerce the people with propaganda blackmails so that they vote for the executioners. This media war, fabricated for the conjuncture, is a dangerous fallacy. It is sown in the brains.

Source: Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez’s blogspot, translation Resumen Latinoamericano – English