Solidarity with Al Mayadeen and the Free Press against Israeli Occupation and Aggression in Palestine

November 13, 2023

photo: Mahmud-Hams-AFP

The Israeli Zionist regime intends to hide before the world the massacre it is perpetrating in Gaza and the entire territory of occupied Palestine by silencing the press and murdering journalists who cover the ongoing Genocide.

This Sunday, November 12, the Israeli cabinet gave an order to ban the broadcasting of Al Mayadeen Pan-Arab Satellite Network throughout the territory, to raid its headquarters in Bethlehem, to confiscate its equipment and to arrest the workers and journalists working there.

For more than 11 years Al Mayadeen has been the information bridge between the Arab peoples and the world, especially Latin America, promoting knowledge, culture, support for emancipatory processes, and a commitment to the defense of peace, sovereignty and self-determination of the peoples.

Al Mayadeen’s minute-by-minute coverage of the genocide in Gaza has become a source of truthful information for millions in Latin America and the world, highlighting the escalation of Israel’s brutal aggression against Palestine, which has dropped more tons of bombs on the civilian population than those dropped on Hiroshima, causing more than 11,000 deaths to date, of which nearly 5,000 are children.

Together with international press organizations, trade unions and journalists’ associations, we demand of Israel and its partner the United States:

– Respect the right of Al Mayadeen and all the press of different media to inform the world from Occupied Palestine.

– Respect the lives, equipment, offices, assets, property and homes of media workers and their families.

– We denounce the murder of 49 journalists along with dozens of their families and the daily massacre being carried out by Israel in Gaza as crimes against humanity, which must be tried and condemned.

– We demand an immediate 7-day truce to allow the entry of humanitarian aid, the burial of thousands of dead, the reestablishment of hospital intensive care units and incubators, the desalination of water and the resumption of electricity.

The world cannot tolerate more pain and impunity. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians, the only solution after 75 years of occupation, massacres and apartheid is the return of all territories occupied by Palestine before 1948. The respect and recognition of the formation of the Palestinian State and its self-determination.

As long as Israel continues to perpetuate the occupation of Palestine, media with the dignity of Al Mayadeen will continue to inform, denounce and tell the truth to the world.

No to silence and complicity with the genocide of Israel’s Zionism in Gaza!

Free Palestine Will Win!




Carlos Aznárez, Argentina

Bill Hackwell, United States

Graciela Ramirez, Cuba